Community-wide Energy Savings in Rutland

Efficiency Vermont and local partners are bringing special energy-saving opportunities to Rutland residents, businesses, and multi-family properties.


Through 12/31/2019

Rutland Saves

Rutland saves

What would you do with the money you save by reducing your energy bills? Go on vacation? Grow your business? Donate or invest? Whatever it is, together we can make it happen.

Through 2019, Efficiency Vermont is partnering with Rutland's local agencies and organizations to bring special energy-saving offers, services, and events to help the community save energy and live, work, and play more comfortably.

If you have an energy efficiency question or idea for your home, multi-family building, or business, contact us! Whether it’s an energy visit, an over-the-phone, consultation, or face-to-face at an upcoming event, we are here to serve your energy needs.

For businesses

We are working with Rutland businesses and multi-family properties to identify energy-saving, comfort-enhancing, and customer-pleasing areas of opportunity. Schedule a walk-through to get start with quick and comprehensive projects that will help impact your bottom line. Efficiency Vermont and Rutland partners are offering enhanced incentives for businesses, including 20% bonus on projects completed in 2019! Contact us on the form below to learn more.

For residents

We’re here to help make your home more comfortable, resilient, and of course, energy efficient. Start with a home energy visit or a chat with your community organizer at our next event to learn about the measures you can implement yourself of with the help of a contractor. We’ll help you find the most cost-effective and valuable areas of opportunity! Fill out the form below to get started today.

Featured rebates

Home Performance with Energy Star

Rebate illustration Up to $4,000 off comprehensive insulation, air sealing, and ventilation projects to ensure safety, health, and comfort.

Building Performance

Rebate illustration Lower your energy bills and create a more comfortable environment with incentives up to $5,000 off

Heat Pump Heating and Cooling System

Rebate illustration Get rebates up to $500, plus an additional $400 rebate from Green Mountain Power, on a cold climate heat pump, which doubles as air conditioning in summer

The first step is a free consultation with an Efficiency Vermont expert

  • Get a 360-degree view of where energy is being wasted
  • Make informed decisions about what upgrades are the most cost effective
  • No sales pitch—we only provide objective, 3rd party recommendations

Don't wait. Take advantage of a free, no-strings-attached consultation today.

Meet the organizer

Photo of organizer

Meet your community organizer! Brad is a member of the Efficiency Vermont team with their boots on the ground in Rutland, listening to the energy needs of residents, business owners, and multi-family property owners and bringing Efficiency Vermont's most effective solutions directly to the town. You can catch them at our upcoming events or contact them here.


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Neighbor Works of Western Vermont

Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development

Rutland Regional Chamber of Commerce

Rutland Economic Development Corporation

We are delighted to work with these local organizations to bring exclusive efficiency offers and services to your community.