Educational Workshops

We offer free workshops for community groups and businesses designed to help Vermonters make energy improvements. Each workshop addresses actions you can take in your home or business to save money and energy, along with available technical and financial resources to help you take the next step. We provide a presenter, guidance on how to effectively organize a workshop, and educational and public outreach materials. Community groups and businesses take primary responsibility for getting the word out and securing the venue.

The following educational workshops are currently available:

  • Efficiency + You = Savings and Comfort - An overview of actions you can take in your own home to save money, reduce carbon emissions, and improve your comfort. Includes information on heat pumps, advanced wood heat, weatherization, and more!
  • Energy Innovations for Your Home - What's new in energy efficiency that can help you save money and energy? Includes the latest in heat pump technology, advanced wood heat, and smart & connected homes.
  • Heating Your Home and Water with Heat Pumps - An overview of heat pump technology and the different types of systems you can use in your home.
  • Efficiency in Your Business - Get some guidance on how you can reduce energy costs in your business and improve the working environment for you and your employees.

To request a workshop for your business or community, or with any questions about our workshops, please contact us.

Energy Code Assistance Center

Vermont’s Residential Building Energy Code is designed to help people live in buildings that are safe, healthy, comfortable, and efficient. The code applies to almost all new residential construction, renovations, alterations, and repairs. For independent, third-party guidance on meeting the code’s requirements—or to request a free copy of the handbook—e-mail, live chat, or call us at (855) 887-0673.

  • Call us for one-on-one support
  • Independent, objective advice for homeowners and contractors
  • In-person training: energy code workshops available