How to air seal and insulate your basement (video)

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Most homes in Vermont can be made more comfortable by properly air-sealing and adding insulation. This How To focuses on one of the most important areas of the home for weatherization: the basement.

How to insulate your basement

Watch this video for professional tips on air-sealing and insulating your basement. Locate common problem areas and learn how to seal them. Explore the types of insulation that work best in a basement. Then download our printable flier.

Materials checklist
  • Silicone, acrylic latex caulk and/or low-expansion foam for air sealing
  • High-temperature (heat-resistant) caulk for sealing around flues and chimneys
  • Appropriate board insulation products depending on project
Rebates and resources

We offer technical guidance and rebates to help cover the cost of DIY insulation projects or professional weatherization services.