Weatherization 101 training

Resource South End Joinery Workshop, 339 Pine St, Burlington VT
Free - $300/week stipend available for qualifying students

PROGRAM COMPONENTS OF WEATHERIZATION 101 Certification – Students will earn an OSHA-10 certificate for job site and construction safety – an essential certification for anyone entering the profession and one valued by employers. Weatherization – Students will learn the principles of home-energy efficiency and building science. They will practice the weatherization techniques of air sealing, foam and cellulose application, proper ventilation, and moisture barrier setup. The curriculum follows the Department of Energy’s Weatherization Installer/Technician guidelines. Carpentry & Construction – Students will learn how to properly and safely use carpentry power and hand tools; carpentry vocabulary and job-site rules; and residential construction-techniques. Students will also learn construction math, job site safety, materials handling, and construction drawings and blueprints.

Multiple Dates


Montpelier and Manchester

These two sessions will cover:

  • 2020 VT RBES New Requirements Overview (Efficiency VT, Presented By: Steve Spatz)
  • Biophilic Design With Windows & Doors (Marvin, Presented By: Jim Pelowski)
  • Evolution of WRBS: Selecting The Right Protection For Your Project (Henry, Presented By: Doug Reigle)


October 21: rk MILES Training Room, Above Hardware Store, 707 Stone Cutters Way, Montpelier, VT

November 4: rk MILES Training Room, Above Doors & Windows Showroom, 655 Depot Street, Manchester Center, VT


Lead Carpenter Training


What is a Lead Carpenter? What are the challenges that a Lead Carpenter regularly faces? What tools and techniques are available to make a Lead Carpenter successful?

HELM’s Lead Carpenter Training is for current and aspiring Leads who are looking to build their management and leadership skills. In four (4) hour and a half long sessions, we will explore what it means to be a Lead Carpenter- the job description, how to set a project up for success, and how to lead a team. We’ll also provide a portfolio of sample documents to support your process.

Session #1 (10/26) - Project Set-Up (aka Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance)

Session #2 (11/2) - Project Execution (aka Eyes on the Prize(s))

Session #3 (11/9) - Project Closeout (aka It’s Not Over Until…)

Session #4 (11/16) - Open Discussion, Question, and Answer Facilitators: Brad Richards and Paul Eldrenkamp (HELM Business Consultants)


Webinar: Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs): Lower your operating costs with VFDs


Join Chuck Clerici of Efficiency Vermont & Doug Hoffman of Pioneer Motors & Drives to learn where VFD applications make sense and how they can significantly reduce energy consumption.


Weatherization Wednesday #4 - Out Smart Winter – The Weatherization Game Show


Every Vermonter can tell you their tricks and tips for Out Smarting Winter, and as the theme of the 2021 Button Up Vermont campaign we want to put your knowledge to the test. Join us for the last Weatherization Wednesday in the series where we will have a game show style webinar to make sure you are ready to beat the winter cold with your new weatherization knowledge. Prizes a plenty, so bring a friend and have fun all in the name of reducing Vermonters thermal energy burden!


Healthy Materials


Healthy Materials will take a dive into the broken promise of the statement “better living through chemistry.” Through assigned reading, case studies, videos and discussion,we will explore the effects of modern building products and household goods on our health.

We will begin to connect the health crisis that is ever present in our lives to our built environment and explore alternatives that are healthier for people and the planet. We will develop an awareness of the importance of choosing the most appropriate materials for our building projects, not only to help drawdown embodied carbon from our work, but also to choose healthy materials for both interior and exterior finishes.


Webinar: HVAC Controls: How you can reduce HVAC operating costs


Join Alex Rowe of Efficiency Vermont to explore the ways your controls contractor and Efficiency Vermont can help you reduce HVAC operating costs across your business facilities.


Super Insulation For Zero-Energy Buildings


Learn the basics of design and construction for Zero-Energy Building (ZEB) and Near ZEB for new construction & existing homes and buildings. These "green" buildings not only reduce our carbon footprint by saving energy, but are also extremely comfortable, quiet, healthy, and affordable when planned correctly. Participants will gain an understanding of what it means to set ZEB Energy Use Goals for projects, how to plan for achieving ZEB goals without reducing function, and how to achieve ZEB construction at the lowest cost.

This course will cover the fundamental subjects for achieving ZEB, including principles of life safety, fundamentals for healthy homes, principles of heat loss/gain, principles of insulation performance, principles of pressure plane integrity (air-leakage control), and the use of modeling tools and methods for determining paths to success.

Discussions will include:

  • functionality and durability
  • construction assembly choices that impact efficiency and cost
  • how design layout impacts HVAC systems' cost and plumbing costs
  • solar gain impact on buildings' inside living spaces
  • bulk water management; moisture management
  • fresh air management
  • how capital investment will eliminate annual expenses to achieve a "return on investment" that is a net or positive cash flow from day one

Please note this course utilizes a “flipped classroom” so you’ll need to prepare for class by watching a series of pre-recorded videos introducing the material so that the in-class time can be focused on question and answer. American Institute of Architects (AIA): 6 HSW Learning Units


Rheem/Rudd Hybrid Water Heater Training

General Contractors, HVAC Contractors, HVAC Technicians, Installers, Sales Staff

This course will cover features and benefits of Rheem/Ruud 5th generation HPWHs and will touch on install considerations. Learn about the newest product updates including highest UEF in class, smart features with leak detection/auto shutoff capabilities and smart home compatibility. This class is designed for contractors, service techs, sales staff and anyone wanting to learn about the most efficient water available in North America.


Rheem/Rudd Tankless Water Heater Technical Training

HVAC Contractors, HVAC Technicians, Installers, Sales Staff

This will be a technical focused training on Rheem high efficiency condensing tankless water heaters. In this class we will cover install considerations, sizing, venting, servicing, and troubleshooting. This class is designed for installers and service techs to understand the technology and feel confident they can comfortably install and service these units after completing this course.


HRV/ERV Installation & Balancing Fundamentals

$615.00 + taxes

Participants will receive the skills and knowledge to balance the airflows of Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators (HRV/ERVs). They will also have an overview of the installation and measurement requirements. An HRAI checklist for installation and servicing of HRVs and ventilation systems will be made available, for use when on the job. After an instructor-led demonstration, participants will be divided into two groups to complete a hands-on assessment of balancing and a brief exam on installation requirements and the theory and application of air flow measurement. Participants are encouraged to bring their own measuring equipment and use it in a comfortable learning environment.

Major Takeaways:

  • Certification as an HRV/ERV Balancer, which is recognized by many jurisdictions
  • The ability to use a variety of flow measuring devices to measure and balance airflow
  • A good understanding of installation practices

Prerequisite: Details vary depending on the local code, so participants are required to attend HRAI’s Residential Ventilation using Section 9.32 of the Building Code OR Residential Ventilation using CSA F326 course before being able to attend the HRV/ERV Installation & Balancing Fundamentals course.


Roadmap to 50% Carbon Reductions in Multifamily Housing


As more multifamily housing providers begin to develop decarbonization goals, it’s time for a conversation on strategies to break down barriers. During this webinar, take a deeper dive into the challenges and opportunities for reducing carbon in multifamily buildings, and how multifamily organizations can begin to set goals and plan strategies.


Green Rehab and Deep Energy Retrofits

Yestermorrow at 7865 Main St, Waitsfield, VT 05673

This course, led by green building expert Peter Yost, will use the web-based tool,, to make the comprehensive case for green remodeling. This will be a “soup-to-nuts” approach to green remodeling, covering all of the essential principles of building science on projects ranging from weatherization to gut rehab to deep energy retrofits.

Day 1 will focus on green remodeling principles and the tools available to employ them. Day 2 will be driven by case studies (including the 8-year deep energy retrofit of Peter’s own 100-year old home) and YOUR projects!

Category AIA Credit Courses, Building Systems Design and Building Science Competency All levels, Beginner American Institute of Architects (AIA): 16 HSW Learning Units


Classroom to Career: Advancement in Energy Efficiency Jobs


Millions of Americans work on the energy infrastructure that powers the U.S. and the buildings that power our economy. Better Buildings Workforce Accelerator partners support and grow our energy efficiency workforce by connecting to training, education, and job opportunities. Learn about the strategies and programmatic efforts they have implemented to support curricula development, job training, and career awareness to bolster future workers in the built environment.


Low Carbon Technologies: Strategies for Different Building Types


It is possible for most building types to get to zero carbon emissions using technologies already available on the market today. Join this webinar to learn about the strategies some owners are already using – and those you could be using – to get buildings to low- and no-carbon.