Refrigerant Recovery Best Practices

May 9, 2024

Format: Online
Cost: Free

In this training Hudson Technologies, the largest buyer in the U.S. of used refrigerants, will demonstrate how to recover refrigerant from HVAC efficiently, completely and safely. This training will include a detailed explanation of the configuration of hoses and valves, how to prepare a tank for recovery, important features of high performance recovery equipment and tips on how to speed up the recovery process. Step-by-step recovery procedures will be shown. Regulations that apply to refrigerant recovery and reuse will be explained. As a buyer of recovered refrigerants Hudson works to prevent refrigerants that are super potent greenhouse gases from being released into the atmosphere. Attendees will learn what happens to recovered refrigerants, how to sell used refrigerants for reclamation and how to protect the quality of recovered refrigerants so they can be reclaimed.

Presented by: Brian Justice-  Director of Sales for Hudson Technologies

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