How to Redeem

  1. Purchase materials that allow you to complete three of the seven eligible projects listed below (purchases must be made between 9/15/18 - 2/1/19).
  2. Complete these projects using the guidance found here.
  3. With your smart phone or camera, take clear pictures of your completed projects (at least 1 photo per project).
  4. Fill out rebate form.
  5. Submit rebate form, photos, and dated sales receipt(s) by 3/1/19.

Complete any three of the projects below, and receive up to $100 (or the total cost of project materials, if total is less than $100).

  1. Build or purchase an air tight, well insulated attic hatch
  2. Air seal and insulate the box sill and rim joists in your basement
  3. Build an air tight, well insulated bulkhead door in your basement
  4. Spot air seal and insulate your attic
  5. Install a new window, Low-E storm window or panel
  6. Weatherize windows
  7. Weatherize exterior doors

Guidance and How-To videos to help you complete each project can be found here.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Valid for purchases made 9/15/18 – 2/1/19. Submissions must be postmarked by 3/1/19.
  • Materials must be installed in Vermont.
  • Efficiency Vermont reserves the right to conduct field inspections to verify installations.
  • Limit one rebate per Vermont residential electric account per year.