Stop drafts with these DIY projects

Use these printable resources and videos for professional tips on locating and improving common problem areas.

DIY weatherization projects can make you more comfortable

There are lots of steps you can take to make your home warmer during the winter.

Choose 3 simple projects to do yourself

Here are some projects you can do now to make your home warmer and stop wasting heat.

What you can do at home to decrease drafts

Nothing beats work done by an Efficiency Excellence Network contractor, but if you plan on doing small DIY projects this year, these will have the biggest impact. Get started with our DIY resources.

Simple projects for basements & attics

  1. Air seal and insulate the box sill and rim joists in your basement
  2. Air seal leaks in your foundation wall (common problem area of stone foundations)
  3. Build or purchase an air tight, well insulated bulkhead door in your basement, or attic hatch for your attic (each count as a qualifying project)
  4. Spot air seal and insulate your attic

Get your windows and doors in shape

  1. Weatherize exterior doors and windows (each door or window counts as one qualifying project)
  2. Install a new window, Low-E storm window, or Low-E window panel

Don’t forget your walls and floors

  1. Air seal and insulate the floor, wall, or ceiling of a heated space that borders an uninsulated space (ex: garage, crawl space)
  2. Air seal and insulate cantilevered floors (ex: bay windows, fireplace inserts that bump out, raised ranch)
  3. Install child safety plugs or foam gaskets around outlets located on exterior walls

Other weatherization projects

  1. Have an idea unique to your home? Contact us to see if it qualifies.

When do you go pro for weatherization?

Energy upgrades are easier when you’ve got experience on your side. You might need a comprehensive weatherization job by an Efficiency Excellence Network contractor to make lasting energy improvements that result in lower energy costs.

Learn more about weatherization options

Get cash back on your project

Efficiency Vermont offers rebates to help cover the cost of select weatherization projects.

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