Over-the-Phone Consultations

Calling us is a great place to start. We’ll ask you some questions about your home’s heating and cooling systems, insulation, lighting, and appliances. This gives us a better picture of where your home may be using more energy than necessary. Then we’ll walk you through your options, including equipment or weatherization upgrades.

  • A quick, no-cost way to learn more about your energy-saving opportunities
  • Benefit from our customer support team's deep knowledge of common issues and fixes
  • Confirm rebates or next steps for any projects you already have in mind

Virtual Home Energy Visit

Are you ready to embark on a home efficiency project, but aren’t exactly sure how to start? When you schedule a free virtual visit, one of our energy experts will assess your home via video chat. They will answer your questions and look for places where your home may be losing energy. This visit takes about an hour and a half.

  • Convenient access to a home energy expert
  • Guidance on your home’s specific issues or areas for improvement
  • Personalized list of next steps
  • Focus on health and safety, if desired

Professional On-Site Assessments

An on-site energy assessment is a comprehensive way to understand your home’s energy use. You can choose a standard home energy assessment, or you might choose a healthy home energy assessment.

Standard Home Energy Assessment

A Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® contractor can inspect your home for energy saving opportunities and common health and safety improvements. This includes insulation, air-sealing, heating, and ventilation systems. The contractor then suggests improvements that are cost-effective.

  • Save energy and improve comfort
  • Can include diagnostic tools and a blower door test to pinpoint trouble spots
  • Hire a Home Performance with ENERGY STAR contractor to qualify for weatherization incentives

Healthy Home Energy Assessment

Households with chronic illness or health risks, such as asthma, should consider a healthy home energy assessment. You can solve health hazards like poor indoor air quality, mold, or pests with proper air sealing, insulation, and ventilation. We bring you healthy home energy assessments to you in partnership with the Vermont Department of Health.

A healthy home certified contractor can identify issues based on the DOH’s principles of healthy homes. They use the U.S. EPA Healthy Indoor Environmental Protocols for Home Energy Upgrades. Your contractor will provide a report with the highest-priority healthy home improvements.

  • The best option to protect health and safety while saving energy
  • A certified healthy home contractor can identify home health hazards and correct them

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