Options for Heating, Cooling & Ventilation

Furnaces & Boilers

Furnaces and boilers are a common way to heat in Vermont, with higher-efficiency systems saving more over time.

Stoves & Fireplaces

Wood heating is the #1 choice of Vermonters for supplemental and sometimes primary heat.

Heat Pump Systems

A heat pump can lower your heating costs considerably and double as a cooling system in the summer.

Air Conditioning

Stay comfortable and save money by combining energy-efficient air conditioning with low-cost cooling techniques.

Water Heating

Water heating is a home’s second-highest energy cost, so making sound choices now can lead to big savings later.


Smart thermostats save money, energy, and time by automatically adjusting to your habits and changing weather.


Ventilation reduces moisture, pollutants, and allergens from indoor air, improving the health of your home or building.