Home Performance with ENERGY STAR

Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® is an incentive-based program to improve insulation and air sealing, plus heating and ventilation systems, to ensure safety and health. First, a participating contractor assesses your home. If desired, the assessment includes a comprehensive report that outlines where your house is losing energy. Then the contractor recommends a prioritized plan of improvements, and you choose the ones you’d like to make. Once work is completed, you can receive rebates of up to $2,000.

  • Be more comfortable in your home and lower your energy bills in a safe, responsible way
  • Choose improvements that fit your budget and goals with a cost savings estimate from your contractor
  • Can include a top-to-bottom energy assessment

Eligibility for Home Performance

Home Performance with ENERGY STAR is for single-family Vermont residences and rental properties with fewer than five units. (For larger rental properties, see Building Performance for Businesses, below.) If you are a Vermont Gas customer, incentives may vary.

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Building Performance for Businesses

Building Performance works just like Home Performance with ENERGY STAR, only it is designed for small businesses and larger rental properties. A participating contractor assesses your building’s energy use, then suggests a plan of cost-effective measures. Once work is completed, you can receive incentives of up to $5,000. Benefits include lower energy costs, added resale value for your building, and improved comfort for tenants, employees, or customers.

  • Focus on insulation and air sealing, the two most cost-effective efficiency measures
  • Get up to $5,000 cash back for qualifying work
  • Draw on a trusted network of qualified, BPI-certified contractors

Eligibility for Building Performance

Eligible buildings are typically wood-framed structures of less than 10,000 square feet (e.g., bed-and-breakfasts, homes converted to offices). Even if this doesn’t describe your property, call us—you may still qualify for incentives (and if you don’t, we can still offer technical guidance to lower your energy bills).

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Services for Lower-Income Vermonters

We partner with Vermont’s weatherization agencies to offer comprehensive, whole building services for low-income households and income-qualifying rental properties. Free or reduced-cost services include energy audits; insulation and air sealing; and replacement of old refrigerators, washing machines, and incandescent lighting.

  • Spend less on energy and be more comfortable in your home, regardless of income
  • Free or reduced-cost insulation, air sealing, and energy audits
  • Free or reduced-cost replacement of outdated appliances and lighting

Eligibility for Income-qualified Services

Eligibility is based on income and determined by your regional weatherization agency. Whether you own a home or rental property, get started by contacting the appropriate agency from the list below:

Bennington Rutland Opportunity Council (BROC), (802) 447-7515

Capstone Community Action, (800) 639-1053

Champlain Valley Weatherization Services (CVOEO), (800) 545-1084

Northeast Employment & Training Organization (NETO), (800) 639-3212

Southeastern Vermont Community Action (SEVCA), (800) 464-9951

Vermont Office of Economic Opportunity (statewide), (802) 241-2453