Efficiency Excellence Network(EEN) members are a licensed and insured network of independent contractors committed to providing their customers the highest level of professional energy efficiency services. This network is comprised of experts in the advanced technologies and building sciences that make buildings more energy effi­cient and affordable to maintain. They are also trained to understand and consider important health and safety measures that are key to any job. Types of contractors include HVAC, New Construction, Commercial Refrigeration, Insulation and Air Sealing, and Electrical.

The network provides:

Access to exclusive E­fficiency Vermont incentives, and low or no interest financing on your project. Contractors in the EEN receive regular updates about available opportunities to better serve their customers.

Training in energy e­fficiency fundamentals and specialties. EEN contractors receive in-depth training from E­fficiency Vermont, so you can trust that they are skilled in making energy effi­cient improvements cost-effectively, within their specialties.

Access to exclusive support from E­fficiency Vermont.  At any step in a project, a member can reach out and get support from us to assure project success.

EEN members are independent businesses that are solely responsible for the quality of their work. Effi­ciency Vermont does not guarantee any specific energy savings through its assistance or programs.

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