Over-the-Phone Consultations

Calling us is the best place to start. A project intake coordinator asks you about your building and its systems, and any specific goals you may have. We also help in connecting you to local distributors and suppliers, analyzing return on investment, and linking you to sources of financing if needed. For large-scale, comprehensive projects, one of our energy consultants may work directly with you to assess your project and help you chart a path forward.

Professional On-Site Assessments

On-site assessments give businesses a 360-degree view of where they’re losing energy, so they can make informed decisions. A contractor walks through your business, looking at the systems that draw energy—lighting, heating and cooling systems, and special equipment. The contractor may also inspect your building’s level of insulation and air sealing and suggest improvements based on projected savings, cost-effectiveness, health, and safety.

Tools for Energy Assessments

Assessing a facility’s energy use can take some time, especially when it has unique industrial processes. Submetering is one service we offer that involves installing meters throughout your facility, gathering energy use data on each piece of equipment, and offering recommendations on how to lower that use. Get to the next level with ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager (ESPM), a benchmarking tool that allows commercial, industrial, and large rental properties to manage their energy usage.

  • Benchmarking helps you measure and manage your building’s energy usage
  • Submetering shows you which pieces of equipment could be used more efficiently