3 easy ways to save money at your business

4 min read

Tackling the three biggest energy users can help you start saving at your business today. Here are three low-risk, high-reward projects that will get you off and running.

1. Switch indoor and outdoor lights to LED

LEDs use a fraction of the energy, last years longer, and provide bright, even illumination for a more professional appearance. Yet, many Vermont businesses are still using outdated lighting technology that wastes money.

Replace bulbs with efficient LEDs
One low-cost fix for outdated lighting is to change out inefficient bulbs for LED bulbs, while keeping the fixture as-is. There are screw-based replacements for just about every type of inefficient lighting, and tube lighting replacements as well.

Boost security with controls
You decide what time the outdoor lights come on and off each day. Or, use sensors that turn your lights on when someone approaches, and off again when they are gone. Get your lighting under your control with automated sensors and timers.

Upgrade to new LED fixtures
You'll be rewarded with lower bills and a cleaner appearance. Upgrade parking lights, porch lights, pole-mounted fixtures and more. Invest in LED-specific fixtures for the best return on your dollar.

2. Stop wasting money heating or cooling your space inefficiently

We don't have to tell you that heating and air conditioning costs can be huge. Cut back on fuel and electricity use by eliminating (or at least reducing) these common areas of waste. Or invest in a new, efficient heating or cooling system.

Keep conditioned air inside
A lot of Vermont businesses are letting air they paid to heat or cool slip right through cracks. Weather-stripping doors and windows goes a long way to slow or eliminate leakage. Next, look for anywhere the walls are penetrated – around pipes is a big one – and be sure those holes have been sealed up. Hire a professional to make the upgrades to get greater savings and get cash incentives.

Upgrade pumps and cut usage in half
If your business uses a circulator pump, switching to a high-performance model can save as much as 80-90%. Newer technology matches output to need, so they provide just the right level of comfort, using no more energy than necessary.

Clean and tune equipment
This is a low- or even no-cost way to optimize your current set-up. Make sure heating and cooling equipment is clean and that the settings are current. It can be so easy to forget, but simply checking on things periodically can save quite a bit. Bonus: keeping an eye on your heating and cooling equipment means you'll better understand how well it’s performing, which makes a surprise outage much less likely.

3. Cut refrigeration costs

Refrigeration is always on, and – because product has to be kept cool and safe - it may seem like its energy use is fixed. Not so! Most businesses can save up to 50% through some simple no- and low-cost improvements.

Maintain, maintain, maintain
Refrigeration components work hard, and it pays to have them serviced regularly, both to extend their usability and avoid unplanned outages. Keep them clean in-between service visits, paying special attention to coils and other areas that can attract debris. Check and clean the seals on equipment, replacing when they no longer work.

Upgrade your cooler with controls
Refrigeration technology can be made vastly more efficient with the relatively simple addition of controls. Add controls so your equipment works only as hard as it needs to, and it will pay you back with lower bills and last longer, too.

Keep cool air where it belongs
It's no surprise that open cases are energy hogs. For a while, it was assumed that they made up for it with convenience and attractiveness, but thanks to superior lighting and door heater technology, closed-door cases can be just as attractive and are far more efficient. They’ll keep your space heating bills much lower, too.