Why the ENERGY STAR logo matters

When purchasing an LED, look for the blue ENERGY STAR logo on the packaging. The ENERGY STAR label guarantees quality, performance, and efficiency.  Bulbs that are not ENERGY STAR certified do not meet the high standards for brightness, color, energy use, and lifetime rating. High quality ENERGY STAR LEDs are readily available at retailers throughout Vermont and are more affordable than ever, making this a great time to upgrade. 

Indoor LED Lighting

LEDs are highly directional, illuminating only where needed. That means less wasted light and heat, better ambience, and lower electric bills for you. LEDs cover a wide range of applications for interior spaces, both residential and commercial: reading and task lights, table lamps, decorative fixtures, display and freezer cases, under-cabinets, overhead fixtures, track lights, recessed downlights, and more.

  • Increase comfort and productivity, save money in your home or business
  • Enjoy superior light quality and color choice (cool bright white to warm white)
  • Illuminate only the areas you need to: highly directional light

Outdoor LED Lighting

High-efficiency LEDs can lower energy costs and make outdoor spaces safer and more secure. With the right design, fixtures, and automatic controls, outdoor LEDs can also give more uniform light while consuming less energy. They’re used everywhere from parking garages to streetlights, security floodlights, canopy and wall-mounts, and decorative path lights for the home.

  • Lower your bill with high-efficiency bulbs, fixtures, and controls
  • Boost safety and security with automated lighting controls
  • Reduce skyglow (light pollution) for a cleaner environment

LED Bulbs and Linear Tubes

LEDs are compact, easy to maintain, and far more durable than incandescents or fluorescents. When you add in cost savings, they represent a big leap forward in lighting. With minimal-to-no rewiring, it’s easy to replace any screw- or pin-based bulb or fluorescent tube with a high-efficiency LED. In addition, dimming controls and a wide range of color choices allow you to adjust lighting to suit your room or application.

  • Minimal-to-no rewiring needed to replace screw- or pin-based bulbs and tubes
  • Less maintenance: LED bulbs last up to 15 times longer than incandescent bulbs
  • Compact and durable, with superior dimming control

LED Fixtures

LEDs can be matched to high-efficiency fixtures and controls for deeper savings. Together, bulb and fixture work to lower energy costs, boost aesthetics and security, and minimize environmental impact. Current rebates apply to retrofits as well as new installs, and cover a range of products for both home and business: track lights, ceiling fixtures, porch lights, bays and troffers, outdoor floods, bollards, canopy, and pole-mounted fixtures.

  • Maximize your savings by matching bulbs to the right fixture
  • Improve visibility thanks to higher color rendering index of LEDs
  • Be more secure and efficient with motion and auto-daylight sensors

What is the best way to dispose of CFLs?

CFLs may not be placed in the trash or recycling bins because they contain a very small amount of mercury (less than a watch battery). They are accepted for recycling at retail and municipal collection locations across the State. Contact your local municipality or solid waste district for additional options.