How to Get Started

Before you start updating your system, we recommend getting an assessment of your building’s current conditions. This will help you identify and prioritize your opportunities. We can help you create a path to identify the issues, repairs, and upgrades to your HVAC systems.

It’s time to assess your HVAC system controls if:

  • Anything needs repair; if sensors are out of calibration or actuators are failing
  • Error messages regularly show up in the Building Management System
  • Temperature resets and setpoints are not optimal
  • Equipment is not running efficiently
  • Building occupants are complaining about comfort
  • You’re interested in an in-depth commissioning project

Financial incentives are available to cover or offset assessment fees.

From Basic to Advanced: Pathways to Updating Your HVAC Controls System

Taking care of basic upgrades allows your HVAC system to run efficiently. Improving your building’s HVAC controls system can be like a journey: you can start with the essential updates and work your way toward maximum efficiency and advanced upgrades over time.

When you make these updates, you can expect:

  • Better control and insights into your HVAC system, allowing resets and scheduling
  • Reduced operating costs through energy savings
  • Improved equipment performance
  • Reduced occupant complaints through improved thermal comfort and indoor air quality
  • Improve system performance
  • Extend equipment life
  • Improve building operation through simplified and more transparent HVAC operation
  • Reduce staff time required to control the building

We can support your controls improvement projects wherever they stand, from more basic to more advanced:

  • Repair, retune and resequence your systems
  • Upgrade field devices
  • Upgrade supervisory software
  • (Re)commission your building
  • Integrate your controls systems, for example lighting and HVAC
  • Establish monitoring-based commissioning
  • If you do not have a building management system, we can support web-connected controllers