How energy efficiency is helping to build resilience

November 30, 2020 | 1 min read
How energy efficiency is helping to build resilience

A large amount of Vermont’s energy savings and greenhouse gas reductions come from commercial energy customers.

Many businesses have been hit hard by COVID-19 pandemic. In Vermont, these businesses have continued to invest in energy efficiency.

Energy efficiency makes them more resilient in a tough economy. They have slashed their energy costs and are ready to thrive when the economy begins to rebound.

Vermonters share their stories of resilience in new video

We released a video about businesses who saved energy and became more resilient. We talked to facility managers at Burke Mountain Resort in East Burke, Commonwealth Dairy in Brattleboro, Gifford Medical Center in Randolph, and Landmark College in Putney. What we learned from them inspired us.

These operations couldn’t be more different from each other, and each approached the challenge of reducing costs through energy efficiency in their own way. But they have a few important things is common: They are tough, they have strong leaders, and they are resilient.

We share their stories both to celebrate their work, and to inspire other Vermonters as they have inspired us.