Creating a Home Energy Profile

Build a Home Energy Profile online that provides valuable information, including:

  • What energy improvements have been made to the home
  • Estimated annual electricity and heating costs, and how that compares with average homes of similar size and vintage
  • What opportunities are available for making the home even more energy efficient

Using your Home Energy Profile

Homeowners can use the Profile results to decide where to make improvements that lower energy costs and appeal to energy-conscious buyers when the time comes to sell the home.

When listing a property on the market, the Home Energy Profile can be shared with realtors and potential buyers to highlight energy-related improvements.

Learn more from Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnership (NEEP):

Try the tool and create a profile

The Vermont Home Energy Profile was developed by the statewide Vermont Energy Labeling Working Group, and is a tool that is administered by NEEP and Clearly Energy.