Continuous Energy Improvement Process

The process combines low-cost improvements and larger investments to continuously drive down energy costs and strengthen your company's bottom line.

  • Process improvements in the office and on the manufacturing floor
  • Regular maintenance of equipment
  • Employee engagement to foster best practices in saving energy
  • Capital upgrades for equipment that is out-of-date or reaching end of life

Strategic Energy Management

Strategic Energy Management is a part of CEI focused on building a culture of energy efficiency. It involves annual self-assessments, protocol checklists, and ongoing dialogue within your organization. Energy tracking tools help reinforce shared successes by showing employees how small actions result in big savings over time. And peer-to-peer reviews, facilitated by your Efficiency Vermont account manager, let you benefit from the experience of others in your industry.

Commissioning Existing Buildings

Over time, a building’s equipment, HVAC, lighting, and other systems can fall out of tune. Building retrocommissioning (or “retuning”) brings a building back to its original efficiency levels. If the building’s use has changed, systems can be re-optimized for the new use. Benefits of this service include lower operating costs, improved comfort, better air quality, and higher employee productivity.