How to Get Started

Call us early on to discuss your new commercial construction or major renovation project. We can assist all the way from design through optimizing performance once the building is occupied. For best results, involve us during or before the design stage—when critical decisions can have the biggest impact on technologies and incentives, as well as future operating costs for your building. If your project is already under way, we can still help with incentives for efficient products.

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Equipment Approach

Pursuing the equipment approach will lower your building’s energy costs by 5–10%. Because it focuses on energy-efficient equipment, this approach is appropriate for projects at any stage of design or construction. In addition to offering incentives, technical guidance, and product recommendations, we also provide neutral, third-party advice on Vermont’s energy code.

  • Save 5–10% on your building’s future energy costs
  • Technical assistance and financial incentives are available
  • Energy-efficient equipment exceeds Vermont’s energy code

High Performance

The high-performance approach yields energy savings of 10–20% and a building that’s certified by Efficiency Vermont. This holistic approach considers everything from the design of the building’s thermal shell to the equipment and systems inside it. For this reason, it’s important to involve us early in the process to maximize savings, incentives, and technical guidance.

  • Save 10–20% on your building’s future energy costs
  • A high-performance building certified by Efficiency Vermont
  • More technical support and possible incentives

Net Zero

A net-zero building produces at least as much power as it uses through on-site renewable energy, dropping electricity bills to zero. These buildings are highly efficient, save 30–45% on overall energy costs in comparison with standard buildings, and are Efficiency Vermont certified. Most important, choosing net zero is a prudent financial decision: Energy savings can be reinvested, productivity and resale values increase, and exposure to fluctuations in fuel price drops significantly. To get started, contact us early in your project planning.

  • Net-zero buildings can drop your electricity bills to nothing
  • 30–45% lower overall energy costs (heating, cooling, and electricity), higher resale values, improved tenant comfort
  • Extra incentives available for an energy charrette, energy simulation, and commissioning