New Construction Enrollment

To submit this project intake form, you must first read and agree to the below terms and conditions and you must be income qualified. Use the table below to determine your income eligibility.

Income Qualifications

Household Income Limit:
Number of People in Household Vermont (applies to all counties not listed) Chittenden, Franklin & Grand Isle Addison Washington
1 $57,300 $66,600 $61,050 $59,050
2 $65,500 $76,100 $69,750 $67,450
3 $73,700 $85,600 $78,500 $75,900
4 $81,850 $95,100 $87,200 $84,300
5 $88,400 $102,750 $94,200 $91,050
6 $94,950 $110,350 $101,200 $97,800
7 $101,500 $117,950 $108,150 $104,550
8 $108,050 $125,550 $115,150 $111,300

* Household income will be confirmed during your conversation with our Customer Support team.

Low-Income Residential New Construction (including small multifamily)

  • The Low-Income Residential New Construction Program requires that participants adhere to exact efficiency requirements outlined in the Income Eligible Specifications & Incentives document.
  • Key features include:
    • Excellent indoor air quality and moisture control through fresh air systems; heat recovery ventilators (HRVs), energy recovery ventilators (ERVs)
    • Advanced wall insulation, including a layer of continuous insulation around the entire home ensuring lower energy bills
    • Energy Star equipment
    • Confidence in building an Efficiency Vermont Certified Home that is healthy, durable and energy efficient
    • Financial Incentives
    • Technical support
  • Low-Income Residential New Construction terms & conditions

Please make sure you have reviewed the Income Eligible Specifications & Incentives prior to enrolling so we can best serve your needs. If you do not intend to meet the Efficiency Vermont certification requirements, you may contact the Energy Code Assistance Center at (855) 887-0673 (toll-free).

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