How to Get Started

For the biggest impact, enroll early and involve us at the design stage. An energy consultant will work with you from start to finish—guiding you to the appropriate technologies, incentives, and certification. When you enroll, you will also have the option to receive a certificate and Home Energy Rating System (HERS) index score after your home passes performance testing.

  • Certificate verifies that your home’s performance exceeds Vermont’s energy code
  • Incentives are determined by certification achieved: base level or high performance
  • HERS Index score: nationally recognized rating for home energy efficiency—provided to enrollees opting for a full home energy rating

Eligibility Requirements

  • For single-family homes (stick-built and modular) located in Vermont
  • Site visit must take place prior to drywall installation
  • Major gut rehabs may also be eligible

View our specifications and incentives.

Efficiency Vermont Certification

Efficiency Vermont certification is appropriate for homes that meet a defined set of efficiency standards, including high insulation R-values, minimal air leakage, controlled ventilation, efficient windows and doors, and ENERGY STAR certified appliances and lighting. This certification offers either a full home energy rating and a $400 incentive upon completion, or performance testing and an $800 incentive. An additional $800 is available for those installing continuous insulation and balanced ventilation, and achieving an air leakage of <2ACH50 or better. View a complete list of specifications and incentives.

  • Reduce drafts, improve air quality, boost comfort, and spend less on energy
  • Cash-back incentives of $400 to $1,600 upon completion
  • Ask your energy consultant about additional certifications

High Performance Certification

Certification as a high-performance home is for homes meeting today’s highest standards of energy efficiency. Compared with base level certification, it maximizes energy savings through increased insulation, windows and doors with lower U-factors, reduced air leakage, and optimized heating and cooling systems. Meeting this certification level also readies your home for net-zero energy use, should you decide to add on-site renewable energy in the future.

  • Cash-back incentives of up to $2,000 upon completion
  • Home Energy Rating Certificate with HERS Index Score
  • Net-zero ready: with on-site renewables, your home can make as much energy as it uses
  • Ask your energy consultant about additional certifications

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