If you are future homeowner looking to build your own home, Efficiency Vermont is here to help you. Access to our redesigned Residential New Construction (RNC) services is available by working with one of our Efficiency Excellence Network RNC builders or having your builder join the network. Benefits to your project include:

  • Technical support from building design to mechanical system overview
  • Exclusive Efficiency Vermont Home Certification
  • Confidence you are building a healthy, durable, energy efficient home backed by Efficiency Vermont
  • Working with highly skilled builders supported by Efficiency Vermont’s energy consultant team
  • Incorporation of the latest energy efficient technologies and best building practices
  • Low energy load home helps the state meet its climate action goals

If you are a new home builder or developer, we welcome you to join the Efficiency Excellence Network’s RNC Trade Group and take advantage of our Residential New Construction program services, home certification and incentives.

If you are income eligible, you may enroll new homes to be Efficiency Vermont Certified, receive financial incentives and receive free energy consultation. Please visit here to learn more.

For Homeowners not working with an EEN RNC builder, Efficiency Vermont can help you by providing the following services:

Efficiency Vermont Certified™ Homes

An Efficiency Vermont Certified Home is one that is a net zero ready design. Net zero is the balance between the power a home needs and the renewable energy you can generate to match the need. With new heating technology and lower-cost renewable energy systems, any home can get to net zero.

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