Efficiency Vermont Terms & Conditions

Limitation of Liability

Efficiency Vermont does not guarantee the performance of installed equipment expressly or implicitly, and will not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages of any kind in connection with the rebate program or in connection with the installation, implementation, or use of the equipment at the customer’s premises. Customer is responsible for ensuring that all projects/installations comply with all applicable local building codes and permitting requirements in consultation with a local building official when necessary.


Efficiency Vermont does not endorse particular manufacturers, products, or system designs through any of its rebate programs.

Capacity Credits/Environmental Credits

In accepting these financial incentives, the customer agrees that Efficiency Vermont (or, for customers within its service territory, Burlington Electric Department) holds the sole rights to any electric system capacity credits and environmental credits associated with the energy efficiency measures for which incentives have been received.

Disclosure of Information

By submitting a rebate application, the customer consents to allow Efficiency Vermont (or, within the City of Burlington, Burlington Electric Department) to disclose the customer's information (including but not limited to the customer's information included on the rebate application and information on the invoice(s), if applicable) to the vendor and/or contractor who sold or installed the equipment to verify equipment purchase or installation and to collect additional information about the equipment and its installation, if applicable.