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COVID-19 Update:

To protect the health of our staff and our customers, Efficiency Vermont offices are closed to the public. We have cautiously begun scheduling project related site visits when required. You can find more information on our safety protocols here.

We know that you need support in reducing energy costs now more than ever, and we will continue to launch new offers and programs over the course of the summer. In the mean time, our customer support team is available to help you remotely. Contact us at (888) 921-5990 or

Energy Code Support

Efficiency Vermont is here to help Vermonters understand the most up to date State of Vermont building codes. We invite you to use the resources listed below as guidance.

Residential Building Energy Standards (RBES)

Residential Building Energy Standards
Located on Vermont Public Service Department website

2020 RBES Official Code Documents

2020 RBES ICC Code Book
Adopted State of Vermont Residential Building Energy Standards
2020 RBES Project Completion Certificate
Form required to be completed and filed with the Town and DPS for every eligible residential construction project
2020 RBES Owner/Builder Disclosure Statement
An alternative compliance document to the standard RBES project completion certificate for qualifying Owner/Builder projects
2020 Residential Energy Code Handbook
Guidance for designing residential and multifamily homes to code
Residential New Construction Envelope Testing Contractors
The 2020 RBES requires that all new construction projects be tested upon completion for building envelope air-leakage and testing results reported from a verified third party as part of the completion of the RBES project certificate. The link offers a list of VT DPS certified building envelope testing contractors.

ECAC RBES Supporting Documents

These documents support building professionals and homeowners in understanding the requirements of the code as they pertain to specific trades. They summarize the vital content out of the full code that specific trades need to understand in order to properly interpret and adhere to the RBES code. They do not stand to replace the full content of the RBES code, but rather to assist in navigation of the individual sections. The ICC published RBES document should always be referenced for understanding full compliance with the RBES code.

RBES Chapter Summary
Brief description of each of the 6 chapters of the code

Builders/Designers/General Contractors

Builder & General Contractor Definitions
Summary of the most relevant definitions of terms referenced in the code for builders/designers/general contractors
Chapter 1 / Building General Requirements
Definitions and building types required to meet the RBES code
Chapter 3 / General Design Criteria
Design conditions and criteria for building envelope, mechanical, and ventilation systems
Chapter 4 / Residential Energy Efficiency
Covers the basic building envelope and systems component requirements and compliance methods, including performance values
Section R405-406 Alternative Compliance
UA alternative to Prescriptive Requirements and ResCheck software compliance option

HVAC and Mechanical Contractors

HVAC General Definitions
Summary of the most relevant definitions of terms referenced in the code for HVAC/Mechanical contractors
Mechanical Systems Requirements
Design conditions, criteria, and system performance requirements for mechanical and ventilation systems
Ventilation Installation Best Practices
Installation requirements for mandatory whole-house ventilation systems, and best-practice system design for balanced heat recovery ventilation system applications
Solid Fuel Burning Requirements
Mandatory requirements for combustion air and sealed fireboxes for solid fuel (wood) stoves and fireplaces
Appendix RA / Procedure for Worst-Case Testing of Combustion Appliances
Alternative testing option for allowing atmospheric vented fossil fuel and solid fuel (wood) burning appliances

Recorded webinars - 2020 RBES Trainings

Overview for Builders, Designers & Engineers
General summary of the 2020 RBES code, compliance options, and design requirements (~2.5hr)
Overview for Existing Homes
Existing Homes compliance requirements for Additions, Alterations, and Repairs (~15min)
Overview for Prescriptive Compliance
The Prescriptive Compliance Method is the most common method used by builders for compliance with the VT RBES. The 2020 code also adds a points requirement based on building size and is linked to all compliance options for the code (~15min)
2020 RBES & CBES HVAC Contractors
Covers the specific requirements in the code that apply to mechanical contractors (~1.5hr)
VBRA hosted webinar on Mechanical Requirements
Covers the requirements for mechanical contractors in the code as well as going deeper into whole-house ventilation options and whole-house heat pump heating system sizing and design(~1.25hr)
Key Changes to RBES
Brief overview of the key changes to the RBES from the 2015 version. For those more fully acquainted with the application of the RBES (~20min)
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