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COVID-19 Update:

To protect the health of our staff and our customers, Efficiency Vermont offices are closed to the public. We have cautiously begun scheduling project related site visits when required. You can find more information on our safety protocols here.

We know that you need support in reducing energy costs now more than ever, and we will continue to launch new offers and programs over the course of the summer. In the mean time, our customer support team is available to help you remotely. Contact us at (888) 921-5990 or

Printable Partner Resources

The following assets and materials have been created for partners to download and use as needed. If you're interested in linking to these resources, a link to the digital content is also provided.

Efficiency Vermont Logos

For use on white backgrounds
For use in black & white applications
For use on color backgrounds or black & white applications
Efficiency Vermont Brand Guidelines
Proper use of the Efficiency Vermont brand and logos

General Information For Homes

Offers For Homes
A listing of all rebates available for homes, and low cost/no cost tips
Residential New Construction
Why should you build a home that goes beyond standard energy code?
Home Energy Loan Flyer
Details about financing available for homes
Home Energy Loan - Monthly Payment "Cheat Sheet"
A quick view of project costs broken down into monthly payments
The EEN Difference
Information about why customers should hire an EEN trade partner over a standard contractor
Tips for Renters
Low cost/No cost efficiency tips for Vermonters who rent their home
Income eligible programs at Efficiency Vermont
Informational flyer about free products available to eligible Vermont homeowners
Healthy Home Checklist
Tips for creating healthy living environment in your home. Ideal for new construction
Kitchen Ventilation Best Practices
Stove selection and ventilation guidance for an Efficiency Vermont Certified High-Performance Home

General Information For Businesses & Multifamily Properties

Offers For Business and Agriculture
A listing of all rebates available for businesses
Business Energy Loan Flyer
Details about financing available for businesses
The EEN Difference
Information about why customers should hire an EEN trade partner over a standard contractor
Offers For Multifamily Properties
A listing of rebates available for Multifamily buildings
Industrial Offerings
A listing of all rebates available for industrial facilities
K-12 Offerings
A listing of rebates available for K-12 schools
Offers for Dairy Farms
A listing of rebates available for dairy farms
Indoor Growing in Controlled Environments
A listing of rebates available for greenhouses, indoor growing, and processing facilities

Product & Program Information

Cold Climate Heat pumps: Are they right for you?
Informational flyer about heat pump technology
Who knew? 8 ways NOT to use a heat pump
How to optimize heat pump use for efficiency
What is Home Performance with ENERGY STAR?
Informational flyer about the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program
Windows in Vermont
Information about window repair or replacement
Wood Heating: Is it right for your home?
Informational flyer about modern wood heating boilers and furnaces
DIY: Insulating your basement
How to guide
DIY: Insulating your attic
How to guide
DIY: Top 10 places To air seal
How to guide
Schedule of SMARTLIGHT incentives
Commercial Kitchen Equipment Program
Schedule of Commercial Kitchen Equipment incentives

Commercial New Construction

Energy Efficiency in Commercial New Construction
Energy-smart buildings are more cost-efficient, more comfortable, and more durable—providing a better return on investment.
Equipment Efficiency Guide Commercial New Construction
This guide is meant to be used for commercial new construction and major renovation projects in Vermont, pursuing any level of energy efficiency.

Other Materials Available

The following materials are not formatted to print from a PDF, but can be shipped to our partners at no cost, to use with Vermonters. Contact us to request these documents.

Weatherization Booklet
Informational brochure about why you should weatherize your home, and information about Efficiency Vermont weatherization programs
Electric Usage Booklet
Information about the amount of electricity each item in your home uses (a grid that details appliances and devices, their electricity consumption, and the annual cost)
Refrigerator Thermometer
Giveaway thermometer card that can be placed inside a refrigerator to determine if it is running too hot (unsafe) or too cold (inefficient). Comes attached to a post card sized card detailing no and low cost tips.

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