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Technical Resources

Efficiency Vermont supports the efforts of contractors, designers, and property owners making energy-efficient residential and commercial buildings.

Commercial New Construction

High Performance Building Guide
For use on projects with a "Efficiency Vermont Certified: High Performance" goal
Net Zero Building Guide
For use on projects with a "Efficiency Vermont Certified: Net Zero" goal

Multifamily New Construction

Multifamily New Construction & Major Rehabilitation Program Checklist
Program requirements to enable your project to meet or exceed applicable Vermont Residential or Commercial Building Energy Codes

Residential New Construction

Energy Code Assistance
Learn more about the Vermont Residential Energy Code Requirements

Building Shell

Air Sealing Information
Ensure comfort and moisture protection
Continuous Insulation Information
Eliminate heat loss from wood studs
Continuous Insulation Requirements
Guidelines for designing a wall system
Insulation Grading Requirements
Grading standards developed by RESNET
Slab Insulation Reference
Guidance on insulation below a basement slab


Balanced Ventilation Information
Why balanced ventilation matters
Balanced Ventilation Requirements
How to qualify for Efficiency Vermont Residential New Construction certification and incentives
Balanced Ventilation Pricing
Pricing list example
HRV & ERV Qualified Products List
Qualifying Fresh Air Systems
Water Heating & Plumbing Reference
Water-related specifications


Wall Insulation & Tricks Video
Wall Insulation for Residential New Construction
Weatherizing the Attic Video
Ceiling Insulation and Air Sealing in Residential New Construction
Foundation Insulation Video
Foundation and Slab Insulation for Residential New Construction

Other References

Thermal Enclosure Inspection Plan
Insulation requirement guidelines
Owner's Manual Template
Heat Pump Balance Point Tool
Lighting Power Density Tool

Qualified Product Eligibility Criteria

Cold Climate Heat Pump
Eligibility criteria
Heat Pump Water Heater
Eligibility criteria
High Performance Circulator Pump
Eligibility criteria
Efficient Evaporator Fan Motor
Eligibility criteria
High Efficiency Evaporator
Eligibility criteria
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