COVID-19 Update:

To protect the health of our staff and our customers, Efficiency Vermont offices are closed to the public. We have cautiously begun scheduling project related site visits when required. You can find more information on our safety protocols here.

We know that you need support in reducing energy costs now more than ever, and we will continue to launch new offers and programs over the course of the summer. In the mean time, our customer support team is available to help you remotely. Contact us at (888) 921-5990 or

Annual Plans & Reports

As a regulated utility, Efficiency Vermont's work undergoes rigorous review and verification. These documents detail Efficiency Vermont’s results and strategies. They are submitted to the Vermont Public Utility Commission and the Vermont Public Service Department in fulfillment of our regulatory requirements.

What is the Energy Efficiency Charge (EEC) on my bill?

The Public Service Board authorizes this charge to reduce Vermont’s overall electric usage and costs. The funds support:

  • Guidance to help Vermonters reduce energy usage
  • Rebates and incentives for efficient buildings, lighting, appliances, and equipment.

Efficiency Vermont delivers these services statewide, except within the City of Burlington, where services are delivered by the Burlington Electric Department.

Overview of Regulatory Requirements

Every three years, Efficiency Vermont and the other Energy Efficiency Utilities (EEUs) complete a Demand Resources Plan (DRP) Proceeding with the Public Utility Commission (PUC), which identifies the ways in which the EEUs will serve Vermonters over the next three and six years, including the overall goals and the budget. Once the DRP is finalized, Efficiency Vermont files a Triennial Plan with the PUC, which lays out how we will meet the goals through our prorams and services. These Plans are updated yearly and can be found below. 

Every spring, Efficiency Vermont files an Annual Report detailing the benefits Vermonters have gained from the previous year. The primary results from the most recent Annual Report are shared in the Our Results section of our website.

Each fall, Efficiency Vermont calculates the next year's Electric Efficiency Charge (EEC) based on the actual costs of the previous year and the forecasted budget. The EEC rate change notifications for the last two years can be found below.

Library of Reports