Our Results

We deliver real, measurable savings that help boost the economy for all of Vermont—its homes, businesses, and government. Here are a few of the ways we've made a difference.

*Data displayed below is from Efficiency Vermont’s work in 2016.
MWh and MMBtu saved136,004MMBtu saved132,826MWh saved Net Lifetime Value$82,500,000Net lifetime value ofefficiency investmentsVermonters made Avoided Pollutants894,251tonsCarbon dioxide425tonsNitrogenoxides939tonsSulfuroxidesAvoided pollutants Percent of Vermont Energy from Efficiency15.5% $1 Invested Means $2 SavedEvery $1 Participating Vermonters81,936 Households Served73,554 Low-Income Vermonter Savings$503,394 Businesses Served8,341 Breweries SectorBreweries SectorLifetime Saving34,500 MWh$4 Millionbrewery jobsin Vermontin totaleconomicactivitycompletedan efficiencyproject in thelast 5 years1,575$19955millioncustomers Hospitals SectorHospitals SectorLifetime Savings$63 Million461k MWhin Vermont(including Brattleboro Retreat) have completed an efficiency project in the last 5 yearsAll 16 hospitals Agricultural Sector$56 Million450k MWhAgriculture SectorLifetime SavingsOn-FarmHired WorkersNon-FarmFood-RelatedJobscustomers have completed a project with us in the last 5 years9,21650,0001,018 Equipment Suppliers693 Contractor Companies937 Retailers303 Building Design Firms164

Strengthening Vermont

All the energy and dollars saved through efficiency add up to a stronger economy and environment, and a more affordable Vermont.

Lower Electric Costs

When Vermonters save electricity, less power must be generated and current power supply remains stable and affordable.

Percentage of Vermont’s 2016 electric needs met by efficiency

invested in efficiency
= $2 saved

Serving All Vermonters

Our work increases the economic security of individuals, families, and communities across the state. We strive to reduce the energy burden on limited-income Vermonters.

Vermonters participated in Efficiency Vermont programs in 2016.

Households served

Saved by low-income Vermonters

Businesses served

Growing the Economy

Energy efficiency is a local investment. When Vermont businesses use less energy they have more dollars to put toward their services, workforce, and bottom line.

Breweries Sector Lifetime Savings: $4,000,000

Hospitals Sector Lifetime Savings: $63,000,000

Agricultural Sector Lifetime Savings: $56,000,000

Green Economy

We partner with local retailers, wholesalers, and service providers to promote efficient product sales while lowering consumer costs. This creates green jobs with local businesses.

Equipment suppliers

Contractor companies


Building design firms