Our Results

We deliver energy savings that make Vermont economically stronger and more affordable for households, businesses, and communities, and help move the state toward its clean energy goals. Thanks to Vermonters’ investment and participation, here are a few of the lifetime benefits cumulatively from 2000 to 2018.

MWh and MMBtu saved25 millionMMBtu saved17.7 millionMWh saved Net Lifetime Value$2.4 billion savedover the lifetime of 2000-2018investments in efficientequipment and buildings Avoided Pollutants11 millionmetric tonsof pollutantsavoidedAvoided pollutants Percent of Vermont Energy from Efficiency16.6% $1 Invested Means $2 SavedEvery $1 Participating Vermonters109,202 Households Served97,376 Low-Income Vermonter Savings$7,734,150 Businesses Served11,826 Equipment Suppliers810 Contractor Companies909 Retailers331 Building Design Firms139

Strengthening Vermont

Serving All Vermonters

Vermonters participated in Efficiency Vermont services in 2018.

Households served

Saved by low-income Vermonters over the lifetime of 2018 investments in their efficient equipment and buildings

Businesses served

Supporting Vermont’s Green Economy

We support local retailers, wholesalers, and service providers with training, technical services, consumer price reductions, and promotions. This creates green jobs with local businesses and enables Vermonters to easily find the efficiency resources they need.

Equipment suppliers

Contractor companies


Building design firms

Annual Plans & Reports

As a regulated utility, Efficiency Vermont's work undergoes rigorous review and verification. These documents detail Efficiency Vermont’s results and strategies. They are submitted to the Vermont Public Service Board and the Vermont Public Service Department in fulfillment of our regulatory requirements.

Library of Reports