2020 EEC Rates

Save more for less

Efficiency Vermont is committed to advancing clean energy solutions that help you save money. The Energy Efficiency Charge (EEC) that appears on your electric bill each month helps us do that—enabling us to reduce the cost of efficient technologies, build our clean energy workforce, help businesses reduce operating costs, and do so much more. For the average Vermont home, the EEC is about 7% of the monthly electric bill.

Just as you look for ways to do more with less, so do we. In 2020, Efficiency Vermont will provide the same level of service with a lower budget, resulting in an EEC rate adjustment of a 13.3% decrease for residential customers, a 6.2% decrease for commercial customers, and a 1.7% decrease for industrial customers. The chart on the back side shows the new EEC rates for 2020, set by the Vermont Public Utility Commission. Energy efficiency is a key part of our state’s strategy to provide low-cost, clean, and reliable power today and for years to come. The investments Vermonters have made in efficiency since Efficiency Vermont began are expected to save them over $2.4 billion over their lifetimes. Learn more about how to save money through energy efficiency.

Investments Vermonters have made in energy efficiency since 2000 are expected to reduce over 11 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions over the life of the efficiency improvements. That's like taking over 2.4 million cars off the road for a year.

Summary of Energy Efficiency Charges for 2020

Customer Class 2019 EEC Rate Per kWh 2020 EEC Rate Per kWh Change
Residential $0.01371 per kWh $0.01188 per kWh 13.3% decrease
Commercial $0.01091 per kWh $0.01024 per kWh 6.2% decrease
Industrial $0.00770 per kWh $0.00757 per kWh 1.7% decrease
Commercial (with demand charge) $0.00707 per kWh plus $1.13825/kW $0.00662 per kWh plus $1.13825/kW 6.4% decrease
Industrial (with demand charge) $0.00522 per kWh plus $1.21316/kW $0.00521 per kWh plus $1.21316/kW 0.2% decrease
Unmetered Street/Security Lights $0.01091 per kWh $0.01024 per kWh 6.2% decrease
New rates are effective February 1, 2020.

For questions about 2020 rates, please contact Efficiency Vermont at (888) 921-5990