2024 EEC Rates

Cost-effective energy efficiency 

Efficiency Vermont is committed to advancing clean energy solutions that reduce energy use and help you save money. The Energy Efficiency Charge (EEC) that appears on your electric bill each month helps us do that—reducing the cost of efficient technologies, helping businesses reduce operating expenses, and much more. Maintaining stable EEC rates has been a priority for Efficiency Vermont. Since 2019, the EEC rate has decreased or remained flat for most customers. In 2024, Vermont’s EEC charge—set by the Vermont Public Utility Commission and calculated using their standard methodology—will increase 2.5% for residential customers, 3.6% for commercial customers, and 5.9% for industrial customers. For the average household, this will result in a $0.16 increase in their monthly electric bill.

The new EEC rates factor in cost increases for 2024 that will allow Efficiency Vermont to continue to offer its programs and services, a key part of our state’s strategy to provide low-cost, clean, and reliable power today and in the future. Every $1 invested in energy efficiency yields more than $2 in savings. Take advantage of our energy services by visiting www.efficiencyvermont.com.

Since 2000, investments Vermonters have made in energy efficiency will save more than $3 billion over the lifetime of those investments—and reduce more than 13 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions. That’s like taking all of Vermont’s cars off the road for 5 years.

Summary of Energy Efficiency Charges for 2024

Customer Class 2024 EEC Rate Per kWh
Residential $0.01115
Commercial $0.01008
Industrial $0.00771
Commercial (with demand charge) $0.00640 plus $1.34343/kW
Industrial (with demand charge) $0.00519 plus $1.10773/kW
Unmetered Street/Security Lights $0.01008 per kWh times the nominal wattage of the light times 360 hours per month

2024 EEC rates will appear on bills rendered on or after February 1, 2024.

For questions about 2024 rates, please contact Efficiency Vermont at (888) 921-5990.

Net Metered Customers

The EEC for net metered customers is determined based on each customer’s gross monthly usage, including usage served by the net metering system. Customers that do not have a production meter attached to their net-metered generator are charged a flat monthly EEC as approved by the PUC as follows:

  • Residential: $6.62/month
  • Commercial without Demand: $7.95/month
  • Commercial with Demand*: $74.71/month
  • Industrial without Demand: $3,899.24/month
  • Industrial with Demand*: $3,181.22/month

* The listed fixed monthly EEC applies to the energy-related portion of Energy Efficiency Charges. For customers also billed based on demand, the EEC kW charges also apply to customers’ peak demand for each statement period. This amount will be calculated and charged by the distribution utility and added to the listed Fixed Monthly EEC paid to Efficiency Vermont.