Installing a home energy monitor provides you with insights into your home’s activity and energy use with an easy-to-use smart phone app.

  • 360-degree view of where electricity is being wasted
  • Detects the biggest electricity users, and helps save $100 a year, on average
  • Interactive usage tracking in an easy-to-use smart phone app
  • For a limited time, special pricing is available to Vermont customers on Sense Home Energy Monitors!
This thing is so cool. In less than a week it has impacted how we use (or not) our electricity in a big way. I had no idea that the old fluorescents in our kitchen use as much electricity as 100 LED lightbulbs. We will be swapping out those fixtures for sure!”
Justin A.
Putney, VT

Special Pricing for Vermonters

For a limited time, our partners at Sense are offering discounted pricing for Vermont customers! Click the product you’d like to purchase to open a Sense shopping cart with the products and discounts applied.

Details and Eligibility Requirements

  • Installation can be complex and should be performed by a licensed contractor who is familiar with the Sense device and working on electrical panels.
  • Depending on particular solar setup options, additional charges apply.
  • Customer must have a smartphone or tablet with access to Google Play or Apple App Store.
  • Customer must have WIFI reception at electrical panel.
  • Customer must have two open slots in electrical panel for a 240 breaker.

Learn more about the Sense Home Energy Monitor, and the Sense Solar Home Energy Monitor.

I am very happy with how the system works. The interface is really well designed. It is like a Fitbit for my house!”
David M.
Brandon, VT