About this rebate

Offer available to:

  • ✓ Rental Properties

Effective Date: September 5, 2023

Offer subject to change.

  • $10,000 cap per unit for water heating, appliances, and ductless heat pumps.
  • $10,000 cap per building for central heating systems.
  • 90% of costs, up to $4,500 for heat pump water heaters, with a maximum of four (4) units per building.
  • $9,000 cap per unit for electrical system upgrades with a maximum of four (4) units per building.
  • Offer cannot be combined with existing Rental Property Rebate program offers.
  • Rebate must be submitted on or after the program/offer “effective date” of July 10, 2023, and within 365 days of the product purchase date if funds are available. In the event this rebate is discontinued or changed, submissions will be processed at the new rebate level as of the date of the change, or will not be accepted if the funds are exhausted.
  • All equipment must be new, installed in Vermont, and listed on the Qualifying Products List (or meet Efficiency Vermont qualifying criteria) at the time of purchase. Used, rebuilt, or refurbished equipment is not eligible.
  • For any single item, payment will not exceed the net price to the customer, including any benefits and payments received from insurance and any other donations, or grants and includes all other costs including shipping, sales tax, or disposal/recycling expenses (installation costs of HVAC and water heating equipment are eligible).
  • Short-term rentals and seasonal homes do not qualify.
  • Customer is responsible for any tax liability associated with rebate payment. Allow 60 calendar days for delivery of payment. Incomplete or missing information will delay processing.

Income Eligibility for Rental Properties

  • Rental Property Owners are eligible to receive this benefit if the rent rate for a particular unit is at or below rent limit guidelines.
  • By participating in this offer, the rental property owner agrees that for a reasonable period of time (3 years) after appliances and equipment installed in any dwelling unit under this program, tenants in that unit will not be subjected to rent increases unless those increases are demonstrably related to matters other than the improvement work performed and supported through this program.

Eligible rental units must meet the Maximum Gross Rent levels outlined in the table below.

Income level (% of median income) Studio 1 BDRM 2 BDRM 3 BDRM
Chittenden, Franklin, Grand Isle 120% $2,390 $2,560 $3,070 $3,547
Addison 120% $2,082 $2,230 $2,676 $3,093
All other VT counties 120% $2,060 $2,207 $2,650 $3,065

Steps to Getting Your Rebate

  1. Submit damages to your insurance company.
  2. Confirm eligibility and rebate amounts. Offer is for rental properties whose tenants whose household income falls at or below 120% of area median income.
  3. Purchase and install qualifying product(s).
  4. Contact Us to apply to your rebate..
  5. Submit completed application form with W9 and invoice(s) including the purchase date, vendor, quantity, size, type manufacturer, and model or part number.
Products & Eligibility Lists Old Product Requirements  Incentive Amount
Large Appliances (ENERGY STAR®-rated refrigerators, freezers, in-unit clothes washers, in-unit clothes dryers), and in-unit combination clothes washers and dryers Old product doesn't function Up to $1,000/unit (maximum 1 appliance type per unit)
Small Appliances (ENERGY STAR®-rated window air conditioners, dehumidifiers, and air purifiers) Can be new and not replacements. Up to $400/unit (maximum 2 appliance types)
Energy-efficient boilers and furnaces Old product doesn't function. Up to $10,000
Central Pellet Boiler or Furnaces (new) Must replace flood-damaged unit (flood-damaged unit may be wood-pellet-burning or fossil-fuel-fired.) $10,000 (flat rate)
Wood/Pellet Stoves (new & replacement) Can be added to supplement a flood-damaged heating system, or replace a flood-damaged woodstove. Up to $10,000
Ductless Heat Pumps Can be added to supplement a flood-damaged heating system, or replace a flood-damaged heat pump. Up to $10,000
Ducted Heat Pumps Can be added to supplement a flood-damaged heating system, or replace a flood-damaged heat pump. Up to $10,000
Traditional Water Heaters Old product doesn't function. Up to $3,000
Heat Pump Water Heaters Must replace flood-damaged unit. 90% of costs up to $4,500; (Max 1/unit); (Max 4 units)