This pilot program is a financing option allowing renters or homeowners to pay for comprehensive weatherization projects through a monthly charge on their participating utility’s electric or natural gas bill with no credit check required, over a period of up to 15 years.

When paired with a weatherization project, you can also add heat pumps and advanced wood heating systems to your project. If your home is sold or changes ownership, the WRAP payments will stay with the home’s account.

How it works

Work with a WRAP-participating Excellence Network (EEN) contractor to obtain a home energy audit. Once opportunities for energy savings are identified, your proposed project will be reviewed to determine eligibility and monthly payment amount. Should you move forward using WRAP to pay for your home energy improvements, a monthly WRAP payment will be included directly on your utility bill.

Sample case

Weatherization Project Cost $12,700
Efficiency Vermont Incentives -$9,500
Weatherization Project cost (after incentives) $3,200
Term 60 months (5 years)
Monthly Payment $59.92 ($719/year)
Monthly Energy Bill Savings $66.58 ($799/year)

Incentives and savings may vary. Subject to availability and eligibility. Monthly payment includes fees and 2% interest.

Qualifying projects

When installed by a participating EEN contractor, and meeting Efficiency Vermont program requirements, eligible projects can include:

  • Weatherization improvements
  • Weatherization + space heating
    • Heat pumps
    • Heat pump-related air exchange equipment and electrical panel upgrades
    • Wood pellet boilers and furnaces
    • Advanced cord wood and pellet stoves  
  • Weatherization + water heating
  • Health and safety measures needed as part of the efficiency improvement 

Qualifying homeowners and renters may be eligible for free weatherization services. Vermont’s Weatherization Agencies offer free energy audits, insulation, and air sealing to qualifying low-income Vermonters.


Enrollment requires:

  • 12 months of positive bill payment with one of the following participating utilities:
    • Burlington Electric Department
    • Green Mountain Power
    • Ludlow Electric
    • Vermont Electric Coop
    • VGS
  • An energy audit performed by a qualifying EEN contractor, with a projected annual monetary savings outcome of at least 10%
  • Meeting Efficiency Vermont program requirements for space heating/water heating, if applicable

Note: If a participant moves, the next occupant of the property will take over the payments

WRAP is a pilot program, funded by the State of Vermont and overseen by the Vermont Housing Finance Agency (VHFA).

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Next Steps

For more information and to be screened for eligibility, please contact Efficiency Vermont.

Contact a WRAP-participating Efficiency Excellence Network (EEN) contractor to obtain an energy audit, scope of work, and price quote for a home weatherization project (and heating or water heating upgrade, if applicable).

If you are a VGS customer, get started by scheduling a home energy evaluation.

If you are a Burlington Electric Department customer (and not a VGS customer), contact BED.


Contact us for more information.