How to Redeem

  1. Research qualifying equipment (filter for Singlezone Ducted, Centrally Ducted) and review the Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Rebate Form terms and conditions to confirm that you are eligible.
  2. Contact us at (888) 921-5990 for help finding an installer near you.
  3. Purchase and install qualifying equipment.
  4. Submit completed rebate form and invoice(s).


  • Installation can be complex and should be performed by a licensed contractor who is familiar with HVAC controls.
  • Generally, fossil fuel heating system must be maintained as a backup heat source.
  • Existing furnace may need to be upgraded to be compatible with heat pump.

Moderate Income Bonus

Vermonters whose household income meets the guidelines below may qualify for a $500 bonus rebate. Download this PDF to learn more and apply.

Number of People in Household Household Income Limit: Chittenden, Franklin, Grand Isle counties Household Income Limit: All other Vermont counties
1 $78,120 $67,000
2 $89,280 $76,000
3 $100,440 $86,000
4 $111,600 $95,600
5 $120,528 $103,248
6 $129,456 $110,896
7 $138,386 $118,544
8 $147,312 $126,192

Eligibility Requirements

  • Installed equipment must be listed on the qualified products list (filter for Singlezone Ducted, Centrally Ducted).
  • Eligible systems are comprised of a paired indoor air handler (usually an efficient furnace) and outdoor unit, both listed on the qualified product list.
  • Building must have an existing centrally-ducted distribution system (generally connected to furnace).
  • Vermont Gas customers are not eligible for this offer.