How to Redeem

  1. Research qualifying equipment (filter for Singlezone Ducted, Centrally Ducted) and review the Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Rebate Form terms and conditions to confirm that you are eligible.
  2. Find an installer near you.
  3. Purchase and install qualifying equipment.
  4. Submit completed application and invoice(s).


Effective Date: January 1, 2020

Offer subject to change.

  • $800/ton rebate (maximum of 5 tons)
  • $500 moderate income bonus (see details below)
  • Installation can be complex and should be performed by a licensed contractor who is familiar with HVAC controls.
  • Generally, fossil fuel heating system must be maintained as a backup heat source.
  • Existing furnace may need to be upgraded to be compatible with heat pump.

Moderate Income Bonus

Vermonters whose household income meets the guidelines below may qualify for a $500 bonus rebate. Download this PDF to learn more and apply.

Number of People in Household Household Income Limit: Chittenden, Franklin, Grand Isle counties Household Income Limit: All other Vermont counties
1 $77,000 $66,800
2 $88,000 $76,400
3 $99,000 $85,800
4 $110,000 $95,400
5 $120,680 $103,000
6 $138,360 $110,600
7 $156,040 $118,200
8 $173,720 $126,000

Eligibility Requirements

  • Installed equipment must be listed on the qualified products list (filter for Singlezone Ducted, Centrally Ducted).
  • Eligible systems are based on the outdoor model number only. (Note: efficiency of the furnace and proper sizing of the evaporator coil are critical to the overall performance of the centrally ducted heat pump system.)
  • Equipment must be installed by an Efficiency Excellence Network contractor.
  • Building must have an existing centrally-ducted distribution system (generally connected to a furnace).

Online Submission Bonus Details

  • Online submission bonus available as of October 28, 2019
  • Burlington Electric Department customers are not eligible for the $50 online submission bonus