How unique partnerships will make lowering Vermont’s carbon footprint easier

May 12, 2021 | 3 min read

Using energy efficiently is still a smart move, but the reason why has shifted. In the past, energy efficiency meant using less. But now we think about efficiency differently… it’s not just about using less; it’s about being smart. Being in control. Using energy wisely.

Nationally, electricity is produced in one of three primary conventional ways; by burning coal (23%), burning natural gas (38%), or as a biproduct of nuclear generation (20%). Alternatively, clean electricity can be made from renewable energy sources like wind, hydropower, solar, or wood.

By comparison, in Vermont, the electricity that flows to your home or business is much greener than it used to be, and that’s not an accident. Thanks to the investments Vermont’s electric utilities have made in renewable energy, our state is now getting 63% of its total electricity from renewable energy sources, compared to 17% nationally, and has set a goal to have 90% of all energy obtained from renewable sources by 2050.

Low-carbon future

A main source of carbon pollution in Vermont comes from the fossil fuels we use to heat our water, our homes, and our businesses. To truly have an impact, we must finally tackle the inefficient ways we heat and cool our state head on. Thanks to new, efficient heating technologies, a cleaner electric grid, and a deeper understanding of building science, Vermont is poised to make outdated heating equipment that burns harmful fossil fuels obsolete. This low-carbon energy system of the future isn’t as far off as you may think, and Vermont’s utilities are working together to make the future now.

With over 20,000 Vermonters already making the shift to efficient heat pump technology, we’re seeing the energy landscape of Vermont shift. Now, a partnership between Vermont’s electric utilities and Efficiency Vermont is making it even easier. When you work with an Efficiency Excellence Network contractor, you can get an instant discount or rebate on qualifying heat pump heating and cooling systems, and heat pump water heaters. Your electric utility also offers additional incentives on top of these.  

Incentives to shrink your footprint

But it doesn’t stop there. There are incentives to help you reduce your carbon footprint at every turn. Seal up air leaks and stop wasting the heat you’ve paid for with rebates on weatherization projects. Control your heating system like never before with smart thermostat technology. Or, switch out common fossil fuel fired equipment like leaf blowers and lawn mowers. There are even rebates for eBikes and electric vehicles. Check out what is available in your area by visiting:

Burlington Electric Department
Efficiency Vermont
Stowe ElectricVermont Electric Co-op
VPPSA (serving Vermont’s municipal utilities)
Washington Electric Co-op

Vermont’s vast network of utilities, contractors, retailers and advocates will continue to work together to make it easier for Vermonters to save energy and reduce our collective carbon footprint. Only together can we deliver powerful results for Vermont, and for our planet. If you’re not sure where to start, read our blog on How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint or sign up for a free Virtual Home Energy Visit today.