Where Refrigeration Is Found

It might be easier to list where refrigeration is not found, since it appears almost everywhere. Hospitals, farms, industrial food processors, inns and restaurants, schools, grocery stores—any place that has to keep food or medicine cold makes use of refrigeration. And because refrigeration runs all day and night, improvements related to it can deliver impressive savings.

  • Save with ENERGY STAR® certified models, which are on average 40% more efficient
  • Reduce food waste by keeping refrigerated items fresher longer
  • Boost sales with better, more efficient refrigeration lighting

Evolution of Refrigeration

Ice was the original refrigerator. In Vermont it used to be sawed and harvested in large blocks from Lake Champlain, as well as smaller lakes and ponds, then dragged by sled to icehouses for storage. When artificial refrigeration arrived in the 19th century, it was designed to meet the needs on the hottest day of the hottest year, known as peak load. Today’s efficient technology allows refrigeration systems to modulate, or load match, producing only what’s needed in the moment.

Parts and Equipment

In addition to seeking out new ENERGY STAR certified refrigerators, ice makers, and freezers, consider low-cost ways to boost the efficiency of your existing equipment. Installing a strip curtain behind your walk-in’s door will lower the amount of conditioned air lost when employees enter or exit. And for grocery store display cases, a continuous cover can save money by reducing how much cooled air is wasted overnight, when the store is closed.

  • Lose less conditioned air by installing walk-in strip curtains
  • Stop wasting energy overnight by using continuous display covers
  • Retrofit display cases with occupancy sensors and high-efficiency LED bulbs

Motors and Controls

High-efficiency motors and controls are a cost-effective way to save money, because they run refrigerators only when the system calls for cooling. This is particularly important for produce, which can dry out when exposed to too much airflow. Floating head pressure controls help compressors run more efficiently, and are a good choice for retrofitting larger systems or for new construction.

  • Low-cost controls can yield significant savings
  • Longer-lasting produce means less waste
  • Safer food through advanced temperature sensors and alerts