Turner Piping & Refrigeration helps to pilot innovative refrigeration measures

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It’s often said that a good contractor is worth their weight in gold. That’s certainly how customers feel about Turner Piping and Refrigeration. The Rutland-based refrigeration contractor has maintained relationships with many commercial and industrial clients for years. One customer, a large grocery chain, has worked with the Turner team for more than three decades.

Part of the company’s philosophy is to go beyond fixing what’s broken. Owner Kurt Matzke and his staff recommend proactive maintenance practices to prevent refrigeration equipment failure. Matzke is also quick to jump on innovative approaches and equipment that can save his customers energy and money.

Since saving customers energy and money is what Efficiency Vermont is all about, it’s no surprise that the company is a frequent partner. This year, the company won our Energy Leadership Award in the innovation category.

A shared interest in savings

Refrigeration uses a lot of energy. Matzke estimates it contributes about 50 to 55 percent to the average grocery store’s electric bill. He looks for things he can do to maintain food quality while lowering bills for his customers.

Matzke’s focus has led to significant energy savings across the state. Since 2016, Turner Piping and Refrigeration has completed 40 projects with Efficiency Vermont. The projects have collectively saved 4 million kWh of energy. From a carbon emissions perspective, those savings are the same as cutting out seven million miles of gas-powered driving each year.

Matzke is grateful for Efficiency Vermont’s innovation award and appreciation. Still, he insists he isn’t doing anything special.

“Those projects are just normal stuff we do,” he said. “As far as innovation goes, if there’s new technology or equipment out there that can help our customers, we try and get involved.”

From idea to incentive

The company often recommends that customers install a permanent refrigerant leak detection system. Matzke noted that facilities can save a substantial amount of money by catching refrigeration leaks early.

When Efficiency Vermont learned about the service he was providing, we reached out. Before long, Matzke was helping us develop an incentive program so that more businesses could participate.

Matzke often comes to Efficiency Vermont now with energy-saving ideas and is game to test their results with interested customers. Over the years, the partnership has helped vet new measures and cutting-edge natural refrigerant equipment.

“It’s a real good partnership with us and Efficiency Vermont. A lot of projects wouldn’t happen otherwise because smaller customers couldn’t afford to do some of the things that need to be done.”

Kurt Matzke , Owner, Turner Piping & Refrigeration
What could your business gain by using less energy?

Turner Piping and Refrigeration is just one of dozens of fantastic in-state contractors we work with to install savings measures and equipment. Interested in learning more about how energy efficiency could help your business? Call Efficiency Vermont to identify opportunities and find the right contractor for your business needs.