The best way to spend less on commercial refrigeration

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Refrigeration can represent up to 50% of monthly energy expenses for grocery and convenience stores, industrial food processors, hotels and inns, and hospitals. Spend less on commercial refrigeration by combining basic maintenance with energy-efficient upgrades.

Six maintenance tips for commercial refrigeration
  • Clean cooling coils several times a year
  • Shade outdoor coils from the sun and allow air to circulate around them
  • Make sure doors on freezers, refrigerators, and display cases seal tightly
  • Check door gaskets and auto-closers, and repair or replace if they are damaged or in poor condition
  • Have units serviced regularly to clean condensers and evaporators, and to check operation of fans and defrost systems
  • In refrigerated cases, replace T12 fluorescent lighting with LEDs—they generate less heat, easing the cooling demands on refrigerated equipment.
Six refrigeration upgrades to consider
  • If you have door heaters, add humidity-based heater controls so they don’t run continuously
  • Install night curtains to reduce the energy needed to cool open cases overnight
  • Use an outside air economizer to ease the demand on your compressor
  • If you’re replacing your evaporator fans, consider high-efficiency motors and controls
  • When buying a new compressor, look for energy-efficient discus or scrolling models—both use less energy than standard compressors and can last up to 33% longer
  • Choose ENERGY STAR® certified commercial reach-in units with solid or glass doors—and talk to us about financing options.