Stay cool and save energy

It’s finally summer and many Vermonters are enjoying backyard BBQs, trips to their favorite swimming holes, and maple creemees. Now that temperatures are rising and the sun is shining you can still stay cool without spending more on your energy bills.

Four tips to stay cool using ventilation

Using an air-conditioner isn’t the only answer to beating the heat during Vermont summers.

  • On a breezy day, cool your home by opening up your windows. The wind will create a “chimney effect,” drawing air in through the windows and creating a cross-breeze.
  • Open your windows and use a fan to pull cool air indoors at night. Nighttime air is cooler outdoors than it is in your home. During the day close your windows and draw your window coverings to keep the cool air inside.
  • Use room fans to create a breeze that will keep you cool and comfortable. Fans come in a variety of options, including ENERGY STAR® certified ceiling, table, floor, and wall-mounted. Don’t forget to shut the fan off when you leave the room, though. Despite what the name suggests, room fans cool people, not rooms.
  • Use your bath fan to remove heat and moisture generated by showers. Also, if your kitchen range hood fan exhausts to the outdoors, use it to remove hot air while cooking. Learn more about home fans and ventilation hoods.
  • No-cost ways to keep your home cool

    • Delay heat-producing tasks like laundry or washing the dishes until cooler evening or early morning hours to reduce warm air from the dryer being drawn into your home
    • Lower shades during the day to reduce solar heat gain and the need for cooling
    • Clean air conditioner filters on a regular basis. Keep the front and back of units unobstructed
    • Avoid using the oven. Instead, get the grill going and enjoy the taste of a grilled meal, instead of a hot kitchen

    Low-cost ways to reduce summer energy use

    Energy savings while you're on vacation

    Heading to the beach or maybe camping? The last thing you want to worry about while you are away is your energy bills. Take these steps reduce energy waste before you leave home.

    • Turn your water heater down to the lowest temperature setting
    • Turn off your air conditioner or raise the temperature- no need to keep it cool while you’re not home
    • Turn off all unnecessary lights
    • Switch off computers and power strips and unplug small appliances and electronics
    • Close window shades and drapes to block out the heat from the sun

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