How to Redeem

  1. Research qualifying cord wood stove models
  2. Visit or contact a participating retailer to purchase a qualified unit
  3. Discount is applied upon equipment purchase from participating retailer


Replacing an existing stove:

  • If replacing a stove that was never certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), you are eligible for an $800 discount from the Renewable Energy Resource Center. (Prior to 1988, wood stoves were not certified by the EPA.) For more information about this funding from the Clean Energy Development Fund (CEDF), visit
  • If replacing an EPA certified stove, you are eligible for a $650 discount, plus an additional $100 if your old unit is removed and disposed of at the time of installation

Adding a new stove:

  • New stoves are eligible for a $650 discount

Partner Offers

Washington Electric Coop customers are eligible for a $250 bill credit towards the purchase of a qualifying stove.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Rebates are for new, high-efficiency stoves installed in Vermont
  • Qualifying stoves meet <2.0 GPH emissions rating and are >70% efficient
  • Efficiency Vermont discount cannot be combined with any other point-of-purchase discounts including the offers from CEDF and Windham & Windsor Housing Trust
  • Installation should be performed by a National Fireplace Institute Woodburning Specialist
  • Self-installed wood stoves are not eligible for this offer