How to Redeem


Based on the percentage of household income that is spent on electricity bills, you may qualify for one of the following two services outlined below.

Replace All Eligible Appliances

If your income-to-electric-bill ratio qualifies you for this program, you will receive a home visit to assess which appliances and products meet the replacement standards. All applicable products that are too old or not efficient enough will be replaced, free of charge.

Single Appliance Replacement Voucher

If your income-to-electric-bill ratio is not high enough to qualify for the above comprehensive program, but you still meet the income-eligible requirements, Efficiency Vermont will send you a voucher to replace one (1) existing appliance or wood/pellet stove for free from a participating retailer.

Eligibility Requirements

The table below outlines the income limits based on household size that may make you eligible for this program. Please contact us to determine your eligibility.

This program is not available to Burlington residents at this time

Income Qualificiations

Number of People in Household Household Income Limit: Chittenden, Franklin & Grand Isle counties Household Income Limit: All other Vermont counties
1 $51,350 $44,500
2 $58,650 $50,900
3 $66,000 $57,250
4 $73,300 $63,600
5 $79,200 $68,700
6 $85,050 $73,800
7 $90,900 $78,850
8 $96,800 $83,950