Put an End to High Energy Bills

If you are paying a large share of your household income toward electric bills each month you may be eligible for free energy efficient products from Efficiency Vermont.

Contact us to determine your income eligibility and see if you qualify for:

  • Free home appliances, like refrigerators, washers, water heaters, and dehumidifiers
  • Free heating and cooling equipment, like heat pumps, and wood or pellet stoves
  • Free energy-saving products, including low-flow shower heads, faucet aerators, and LEDs

Available Programs

If your total household income meets the income requirements outlined below, you may qualify for one of the following offers based on the percentage of your income that goes toward your electric bill. Both offers are outlined below. Please note that these programs are not available to Burlington residents at this time. 

Income Qualificiations

Number of People in Household Household Income Limit: Chittenden, Franklin & Grand Isle counties Household Income Limit: All other Vermont counties
1 $51,350 $44,500
2 $58,650 $50,900
3 $66,000 $57,250
4 $73,300 $63,600
5 $79,200 $68,700
6 $85,050 $73,800
7 $90,900 $78,850
8 $96,800 $83,950

Replace All Eligible Appliances

If the percentage of your income that goes toward your electric bill meets the qualifying amount, you will receive a home visit to comprehensively identify the appliances and products that meet the replacement standards, and all applicable items will be replaced, free of charge.

Single Appliance Replacement Voucher

If the percentage of your income that goes toward your electric bill is not high enough to qualify for the comprehensive service, but you still fall within income guidelines, you will receive a voucher to replace a single existing appliance or wood/pellet stove for free from a participating retailer.

Next Step: Contact Us

You can contact us to find out if you're eligible: Simply fill out the form below and a customer support team member will call you.

Eligibility is determined through a phone screening. Please expect a phone call from Efficiency Vermont to determine your eligibility.

Energy Savings for All

16,000+ Vermonters have already taken advantage of this offer and lowered their electric bills, some by 50% or more.