12 simple tips to save energy at your rental

3 min read

Are you ready to start saving more energy this year? Small changes can make an impact on your energy bills and on your carbon footprint. Whether an apartment, condo, or house, here are a few ideas that'll help you save energy as well as cut carbon (and save a little money as well.)

1. Change your lightbulbs.

 LED bulbs use a lot less energy and can save you money over the bulbs’ lifetime. Start with the five lights you use the most.

2. Use less water

To save energy and water, install a low-flow shower head and cut back on the time you spend in the shower. For a limited time, Vermonters can get a free kit of products like LEDs and water-saving devices and start saving money on energy bills.

3. Turn down your thermostat when you sleep or leave home.

Don’t heat your home when you don’t need to.

4. Insulate electric outlets.

You can stop drafts cold at electrical boxes with foam outlet insulation. Install plain foam gaskets between electrical cover plates and the switches/receptacles.

5. Use an Advanced Power strip

Get an advanced power strip (sometimes called a smart power strip). These power strips automatically turn off electricity to devices you’re not using (so you don’t have to unplug your TV to cut phantom power).

6. Control your devices with smart plugs.

Connect to a smart-home assistant (like an Amazon Alexa or Google Home) and you’ll be able to turn devices on and off remotely. Never worry about leaving your lights on while you’re not at home.

7. Cut costs by cleaning

Vacuum behind the fridge and clean the coils. Your refrigerator will run more efficiently.

8. Use in-unit laundry wisely

Wash your clothes using cold water whenever you can. Skip the dryer and air-dry your clothes using a rack or clothesline.

9. Alert property management to leaks

Always give your rental property owner or manager a heads-up about leaky faucets or running toilets.

10. Use rugs on bare floors.

Rugs provide a bit of insulation in your home in the winter. You’ll feel more comfortable and save some energy too.

11. Install a door sweep

If you look at your front door and see sunlight or can feel the cold air at the bottom, you can benefit from installing a door sweep.

12. Weatherstrip your doors and windows

Doors and windows in your home leak air, even when closed. A DIY weatherstripping strip can stop leaks and make your home feel cozier. Watch this video for DIY help: How to tighten up your home for better cold-weather comfort.

Bonus tip: Let your property owner or manager know about the products and services for their rental properties in Vermont. All existing rental properties qualify for appliance and heating and ventilation system rebates, as well as free energy-efficient products including LEDs, low-flow shower heads, and faucet aerators.

While renters don’t usually have to ability to make permanent changes to rental properties, you can use these tips to make small changes that can add up. If you have questions about saving energy, get in touch with our customer support team for personalized help.