At Efficiency Vermont, we think the perfect gift is one that saves people money and energy for years to come. From smart tech to the back to basics of wood heating, we’ve gathered ideas that will save energy and be sure to please your family and friends. In that spirit, here are our top energy-saving gift ideas for a happy holiday season.

A thermostat that learns and helps you save

Price range: $100-$250

Efficiency Vermont Rebate: Up to $100

Close to 50% of a home’s energy bill goes to heating and cooling. A smart thermostat is one piece of tech that can pay for itself. How? It learns from your usage, then self-programs to save you energy. Top thermostats, like the Nest and Ecobee, can be remote controlled through smartphone apps. These also integrate with hands-free, voice-activated devices like Amazon Echo. Quick buying tip: make sure a smart thermostat is compatible with your home heating system.

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Smart light bulbs that do more than illuminate

Price range: $150- $250 (Starter kit)

Control the Philips Hue wireless LED lighting system via remote app, from anywhere. Turn off lights you left on, set automated timers, and make it look like you’re home when you’re not. You get smooth dimming, too, without hiring an electrician. Plus, Hue integrates with Alexa, Apple Homekit, and Google Home for full voice control of your lighting. Give a gift that replaces light bulbs with smart bulbs or explore Hue lamps and fixtures. Philips Hue offers light for every room in a home.

An energy monitor you can use with ease from your phone

Price range: Around $300

Sense Home Energy Monitor is one cool, energy-saving gadget. An electrician quickly installs the box in your electrical panel; no rewiring required. Once you download a free app and connect the monitor to Wi-Fi, Sense can track your usage in real time, tell you exactly what—or who—is using energy and help you make changes to lower your bill. It can even alert you to unusual usage while you’re away (or tell you what time the kids really got home last night).

Hip, in-demand and comes with the sound of savings

Price range: $200-$1000

Give the gift of the home theater experience! Sound bars are some of the hottest gifts on the market, and many are ENERGY STAR certified. You’ll hear the sounds of savings this holiday season with an ENERGY STAR certified sound bar that uses about 70% less energy than conventional models.

Connected electrical plugs for the person who wants to be in-control and use energy wisely

Price range: Around $60

Chances are the person you are buying for does not have outlets that use artificial intelligence (AI)! This smart outlet product uses AI to identify energy usage patterns and suggest changes that can help you save. The Currant WiFi Smart Outlet also works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Heat your water only when you need it and save

Price range: $150- $175

Green Mountain Power customers can get this product for free.

Do you know a penny pincher when it comes to the energy bill? The Aquanta retrofittable water heater controller will make their holidays bright! This controller works with an existing electric or gas water heater. The smart technology learns your hot water usage patterns and heats water when needed. You can also change settings from anywhere with your smartphone.

Live in the comfort zone

EPA certified wood stove in a modern home
Photo courtesy of HearthStone Quality Home Heating Products Inc. of Morrisville, VT

Price range: $2000-$4000

Efficiency Vermont Rebate: Up to $1000

Need a gift with a wow factor? We bet even Santa will be impressed with this one! Popular in Vermont, wood and pellet stoves are charming, versatile, and a very cost-effective way to heat areas of the home. They are available in a variety of styles and sizes, and the renewable wood fuel can often be found locally. EPA-certified wood and pellet stoves burn cleaner and more efficiently. New EPA-certified models emit less particle pollution than older models, which  can impact the quality of the air both outdoors and even inside your home. Buying a new or replacing an old stove may be giving the gift of better health!

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Happy holidays from Efficiency Vermont! As always, feel free to contact us with any energy-related questions.