Deep Retrofit for Businesses

Efficiency Vermont facilitates an application and pre-approval process to support deep retrofit projects. Using real-time measurement to evaluate each participant's progress, we look at each facility as a whole, measuring all energy usage across fuel types. Selected recipients are paired with a dedicated energy consultant and receive financial assistance of up to $160,000 per building. Selected participants can expect to:
  • Partner with employees, contractors, design professionals, and their Efficiency Vermont energy consultant to make sure you have a clear and achievable path to 50% energy savings
  • After completing a detailed plan, have up to one year to implement the work
  • Once projects are complete, work with Efficiency Vermont to measure and verify energy savings
Eligible buildings must be:
  • Located in Vermont, outside of Burlington, and not a Vermont Gas customer
  • Commercial, industrial, or mixed use (commercial/multi-family) space that is greater than 5,000 square feet
  • In use and occupied for at least one full year, with future use expected to remain the same (change of use retrofits are excluded)
  • Pre-approved through the Deep Retrofit application process

For more details, download the program FAQ or download the application.