Efficiency Vermont seeks new Director

BROC fires up refrigeration units

BROC Community Action's investment in new refrigeration system helps it serve more community members.

Report traces 20 years of impact from nation’s first energy efficiency utility

Efficiency Vermont honors Commercial and Industrial ‘Energy Leaders’

Efficiency Vermont applauds work of Vermont Climate Council

The Caledonian-Record Is Going Solar

Efficiency Vermont heat pump incentives help newspaper move forward with clean energy plans

Weatherization Workforce Plan

A report to the Vermont General Assembly on the coordinated delivery of a standardized statewide building sciences curriculum

Free energy kits help Vermonters celebrate Energy Efficiency Day

Annual weatherization campaign kicks off, motivating Vermonters to ‘outsmart winter’

Vermont digs in on incentives to boost geothermal heat pumps

The technology has strong potential to help electrify homes, but high costs and logistical challenges still put it out of reach for most homeowners.

Efficiency Vermont, Regional Development Corps. team up to give struggling businesses a boost 

Companies with stalled energy efficiency projects can get extra incentives to move upgrades forward, reduce operating costs 

Public comment sought as part of Efficiency Vermont performance assessment

Efficiency Vermont joins effort to reduce energy burden of transportation

New programs to raise public awareness, prepare supply chain for demand increase

Online tool helps homeowners assess, share their homes’ energy efficiency virtues

VPPSA, Efficiency Vermont partnership builds resilience in Barton

 Vermont Public Power Supply Authority (VPPSA) is partnering with Efficiency Vermont to bring unique program offers that help Barton Village Electric Department customers save money by lowering the cost of investing in energy efficiency.

Efficiency Vermont announces 2nd annual appliance recycling offer

Limited-time program offers cash back for old-but-working appliances

Healthy Homes Vermont 2020

Many Vermonters in low-income households are at a greater risk of health problems than are high-income households. Collectively the partners are testing innovative energy-plus-health collaboration pilots and whether these models may be scaled to a cost-effective component of energy efficiency programs statewide. This report addresses the progress achieved in 2020.

EPA recognizes Efficiency Vermont’s service to low- and moderate-income Vermonters

Healthy Buildings Vermont 2020

A building’s design and how it operates directly affect occupant health and well-being. Efficiency Vermont has a long history of helping facility managers and building owners make critical energy efficiency decisions—but what impact do these decisions have on indoor air quality (IAQ) and occupant health?

What’s going on in there? Interpretable Machine Learning for Deeper Energy Savings

Efficiency Vermont set out to learn if and how explainable artificial intelligence (XAI)2 approaches could drive adoption of cutting-edge machine learning models for energy modeling at customer facilities.