Income-eligible Vermonters can get a free home appliance to save money and energy

Winooski, VT

Voucher for a free energy-efficient appliance available to qualifying homeowners and renters based on household income and how much they spend on their electric bills.

WINOOSKI, VT—Vermonters who spend a significant portion of their household income on electric bills each month can qualify for a free energy-efficient appliance as part of Efficiency Vermont’s low-income program.

Qualifying Vermont residents will get a voucher to replace an old and inefficient appliance—like a refrigerator, freezer, clothes washer, dehumidifier, or air conditioner—with a new, energy-efficient model that will help lower their electric bills.

“Upgrading to an efficient appliance means you waste less energy, and spend less on your energy bill,” said Lauren Wentz, the low-income program manager at Efficiency Vermont. “A new, more efficient refrigerator can save you as much as $150 over the life of the appliance simply because it uses less electricity."

Interested homeowners are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. The appliance voucher is a popular program given out on a first-come, first-served basis. No eligible applicants will be denied, but due to its popularity, some applicants could be deferred.

“The sooner you apply, the sooner you can take advantage of this program to access efficient appliances,” Wentz added. “It helps reduce energy bills and improves affordability and reliability in Vermont homes.”

Vermonters enroll on the phone by calling Efficiency Vermont’s Energy Advisor team at (888) 921-5990. Depending on their home’s electric energy burden—the percentage of household income spent on electricity bills—qualifying homeowners will receive an appliance voucher worth up to $1,200 toward one appliance. Some homeowners with high energy burdens may qualify for additional appliance upgrades, such as heat pump hot water heaters and cold climate heat pumps. The appliance upgrades are all part of Efficiency Vermont’s low-income program, which offers free electrical efficiency measures for qualifying homes.

Efficiency Vermont’s 2019 Energy Burden report found, statewide, Vermonters spend 20% of their household energy budget on electricity. Homes with high energy burdens could be losing hundreds of dollars each year through inefficient appliances or outdated lighting that drive up their monthly bills.

Homeowners with lower energy burdens will qualify for an Energy Savings Kit, which includes energy-efficientvlighting and water-saving measures. Renters are encouraged to apply, and if eligible, Efficiency Vermont will work with the rental property owner on improvements that can help reduce energy costs and improve comfort. Renters can also get free LEDs and other efficient products for their home.

All applicants will be able to learn about other Efficiency Vermont services that can help identify additional energy-saving opportunities in their home.

The appliance voucher can be redeemed at more than a dozen independent retailers in Vermont, including one in New Hampshire.

Interested Vermonters should visit or call Efficiency Vermont’s Energy Advisor team at (888) 921-5990.

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