Efficiency Vermont launches one-stop-shop ‘incentive calculator’ with Rewiring America to help Vermont households access clean tech


Agency of Natural Resources Sec. Julie Moore, House Speaker Jill Krowinski join Rewiring America and the Vermont Energy and Climate Action Network for Earth Day State House launch

MONTPELIER, VT—As more Vermonters look to save money and cut planet-warming emissions, a new online tool is launching today –in celebration of Earth Day–from Efficiency Vermont and built by national electrification nonprofit Rewiring America to help.

The Vermont-specific “incentive calculator” gives households a personalized list of the many federal, state, and utility rebates and offers they can use for climate-friendly clean technologies and money-saving efficiency upgrades. The goal is to help Vermonters save money while improving efficiency and adopting clean technologies that use Vermont’s low-carbon electricity, rather than burning fossil fuels and emitting climate-warming greenhouse gas emissions.

Vermont is among the first to premiere a state-specific tool with features like:

  • Customized results: Users can enter their ZIP code, household size, utility, and other information to see a personalized list of federal, state, and utility offers that meet their needs and goals–and related offers that can help them complete multiple projects at once.
  • Climate-friendly green technology: The calculator displays offers for emissions-free heating technologies like ultra-efficient heat pumps, plus other heating/ventilation/air conditioning (HVAC) options. The tool also includes offers to help Vermonters electrify their home with electric panel and wiring upgrades, electric vehicles, solar panels, and home battery storage.
  • Planning ahead for opportunities to go green: The new tool helps households plan for projects like weatherization, heat pumps, or other green replacements for appliances like stoves and oven ranges, clothes dryers, water heaters, and more.
  • An open-source tool for everyone: Rewiring America’s open source tool can be placed on other websites, allowing other organizations to share all the tool offers with their clients, customers, and members at no cost.

Senator Peter Welch applauded the launch of the tool and the federal incentives the calculator helps people access. “Families across Vermont are transitioning to clean energy with the assistance of the Biden Administration and Democrats’ historic investments in energy efficiency upgrades, which are helping folks modernize their homes, reduce their carbon footprint, and lower their energy bills,” Sen. Welch said. “Rewiring America strengthens these efforts by providing Vermonters a simple way to see what incentives they’re eligible for – from solar energy to heat pumps. On Earth Day, I join Efficiency Vermont, the Vermont Energy and Climate Action Network, and Vermont’s environmental advocates in celebrating the green technology innovations that bring us closer to a more sustainable future.”

The calculator brings together federal incentives and tax breaks from multiple sources, including programs funded through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) and federal tax credits through the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). The calculator will include any future customer-facing IRA opportunities that could become available in Vermont.

"Rewiring America’s new incentives calculator is a major step in our fight against climate change. To withstand this existential threat, Vermonters need to be able utilize clean energy solutions,” said Congresswoman Becca Balint. “Rewiring’s calculator will show Vermonters their opportunities for savings when they invest in renewable, green upgrades. I’m proud to support commonsense steps to deliver accessible and concrete solutions."

At the launch event today in the State House’s Cedar Creek Room, Efficiency Vermont Managing Director Peter Walke said the incentive calculator is one way Vermont is working toward a sustainable and equitable future. “We need to make efficient solutions and clean technologies available to all Vermonters, especially those struggling with high energy burdens and aging heating systems,” Walke said. “This incentive calculator helps Vermont households see all of the support they can get. It's just one part of a concentrated effort to ensure everyone can access these promising technologies and realize an affordable clean energy future."

The tool launches with support from the Vermont Energy and Climate Action Network, which works with partners and advocates working to help Vermont households transition to more affordable, resilient, and climate-friendly heating systems, appliances, and vehicles.

“The essential energy revolution will require hundreds of thousands of different kitchen table, conference room, and Town Hall conversations about how to access and afford cleaner energy solutions,” said Johanna Miller, energy and climate program director at the Vermont Natural Resources Council and Coordinator of the Vermont Energy & Climate Action Network. “I’m excited that this tool will help make those conversations easier by giving people and communities a quick glimpse into how they can make the finances work to make investments that are good for them – and the planet.”

“Helping Vermonters have convenient, current, and tailored advice about available incentives is critical to individual buying decisions,” ANR Secretary Julie Moore shared at the launch event. “Using the Rewiring America calculator allows us to analyze our options for immediate purchases or planned investments.”

Also speaking at the launch in Montpelier, House Speaker Jill Krowinski said the tool aligns with state efforts to combat climate change and achieve Vermont’s emissions targets, which are required to be 80% below 1990 levels by midcentury.

“Investing in affordable, clean energy programs for households, businesses and communities is imperative to meeting our climate goals and lowering energy costs for Vermonters,” said Speaker Krowinski. “This new online calculator is one tool designed to help do that, and I’m pleased to see it rolling out today for Vermonters. The House will continue our work to advance other needed solutions that will help all Vermonters lower their energy bills and access cleaner and more cost-effective technologies.”

“Meeting our climate requirements relies on Vermonters making investments in cleaner, less costly heating, power, and transportation. My colleagues and I are committed to helping all Vermonters do that by accessing as many incentives as possible,” said Senate President Pro-Tem Philip Baruth. “It’s my hope this new tool provides an easy pathway for Vermonters to access and stack multiple federal, state, utility, and other incentives and begin realizing the economic, public health, and climate benefits of cleaner technologies.”

Linda Gray, a member of the Norwich Energy Committee, said using the tool with town energy committees will help more Vermonters realize the potential of emissions-free heating systems and efficiency upgrades like weatherization. “I know from personal experience that town energy committee volunteers spend a lot of time talking with their neighbors and seeking out solid, reliable information to share about how to make changes in their homes,” Gray said at the event.  “That’s why we’re all very excited about the incentive calculator. This gives them a comprehensive picture, making it clear how affordable household-level climate investments can be, especially with multiple financial incentives.”

Rewiring America, the national nonprofit focused on the electrification of America's homes, buildings, and communities, built the open-source tool that premieres on Efficiency Vermont’s website, but can be embedded in other websites to promote clean energy technologies to Vermonters.

"Making it easy for people to go electric is the core of what we do at Rewiring America, and it's been great working alongside our partners at Efficiency Vermont to bring this calculator to life and help Vermonters start their electrification journeys," said Amanda Sachs, policy associate at Rewiring America. "In the building, energy, and transportation sectors, progress looks like a durable market transformation toward electrification and renewable energy, and we look forward to continued collaboration to make that transformation possible." Rewiring America estimates that, in addition to incentives and tax credits, US households can save $1,600 a year on their energy bills by electrifying, including switching their household driving to an EV.

Rewiring America credited its support from Google in helping launch the calculator. “It’s been so rewarding to see how technology like AI can help Rewiring America reach their goals even faster,” said Dena Rose, Google.org Fellow and Program Manager. “We’re hopeful that our work to help build these state-wide calculators will help homeowners and renters across the country make home energy choices that are right for them."

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