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Lighting Discounts Still Available

The new year brings new laws about what types of lighting can be produced and sold in Vermont, and Efficiency Vermont is still providing rebates to support the adoption of LED technology across the state.

Act 120 is a Vermont law that prohibits the sale of mercury containing lighting products, most commonly 4’ linear fluorescents. Linear fluorescent lamps are found throughout the state in commercial buildings like office spaces, industrial warehouses, community general stores, and even schools.

The Energy Independence and Security Act, EISA, was signed in 2007 and phased in over many years. One of the aims of this law is to increase the efficiency of lighting products across the country. EISA establishes a minimum efficiency requirement for any screw-based lighting products. These products are typically found in residential applications.

These new laws have impacted Efficiency Vermont’s ability to provide a point-of-sale rebate on LEDs. As of 1/1/2024, the SMARTLIGHT program has ended after 15 years, where it provided over $30 million of rebates to Vermonters during its operation.

Lighting rebates are still available for businesses through the Custom Lighting Program, and the Commercial Lighting Form. Efficiency Vermont’s Custom Lighting Program has existed as long as Efficiency Vermont has. Typically reserved for larger projects, the Custom Lighting Program may help offset the costs of your next lighting project. The Commercial Lighting Form is a self-serve form that businesses can fill out with their contractors or suppliers to receive rebates on certain lighting products like exterior fixtures or fixture mounted controls.

Through the Custom Lighting Program, Efficiency Vermont Engineers will work with you to determine the amount of energy savings your project will generate. Once the numbers have been crunched, Efficiency Vermont will provide a rebate amount. Typically, the higher the energy savings, the higher the rebate amount!

To learn more about the Custom Lighting Program or get help with the Commercial Lighting Form please use the form below or call us at (888) 921-5990.

Why update your lighting now?

  • Save big - these offers are available for a limited time and expire starting in 2024
  • LEDs are the most energy efficient bulbs on the market - conserve energy, lower your bills
  • Superior light quality and control - a better work environment and customer experience
  • LEDs can last 15 years or more - no more time wasted on replacing bulbs

Outdoor LED Lighting Discounts

High-efficiency outdoor LEDs can lower energy costs and make outdoor spaces safer and more secure. They can also give more uniform light while consuming less energy. Get these point-of-sale discounts on energy efficient outdoor lighting.

Flood Light Fixtures: Up to $110 off at time of purchase.

Decor, Post-Top Fixtures & Retrofit Kits: Up to $110 off at time of purchase.

Wall-Mounted Fixtures & Retrofit Kits: Up to $110 off at time of purchase.

Pole-Mounted Fixtures & Retrofit Kits: Up to $110 off at time of purchase.

Mogul Screw-Based Replacements for HID Lamps: Up to $125 off at time of purchase.

Parking Garage & Canopy Area Fixtures & Retrofit Kits: Up to $110 off at time of purchase.

Bollard Fixtures: Up to $110 off at time of purchase.

Exterior Integrated Sensors: $40 off at time of purchase

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