How to Redeem

  1. Obtain quote for new ventilation with full model number.
  2. Complete the Pre-Qualification Form prior to purchase.
  3. Submit complete Pre-Qualification Form and quote to Efficiency Vermont.
  4. Efficiency Vermont staff will verify fan eligibility and contact you with pre-approval notification.
  5. If your project is approved, you will be sent paperwork for your signature.
  6. Need help? Call (888) 921-5990 x7740 for more information.


Effective Date: January 1, 2019

For dairy barn installations only. Other agricultural facilities (non-dairies) may qualify for a custom rebate. Offer subject to change.

The rebate amounts listed in these tables are specific to dairy barn installations. Other agricultural facilities (non-dairies) may qualify for a custom rebate. Contact Efficiency Vermont for more information.

Circulation Fans (aka panel, box, cage, etc.)

Fan Diameter Min. thrust cfm/watt Rebate per Fan Rebate for Circ Fan VFD controls
24 - 35 inches 14.5 $40 Please call for custom analysis
36 - 47 inches 20.3 $75 Please call for custom analysis
48 - 64 inches 23.2 $150 Please call for custom analysis

Exhaust Fans (through-the-wall and can be used for tunnel ventilation)

Fan Diameter Min. cfm/watt @ 0.10" SP Rebate per Fan Total rebate per fan w/VFD*
24 - 35 inches 11.5 $75 $200
36 - 47 inches 17.1 $175 $400
48 - 51 inches 20.8 $175 $400
52 - 59 inches 20.3 $275 $600
60 - 72 inches 21.1 $275 $600
*Efficiency Vermont will not support VFDs for agricultural ventilation for the sole purpose of a "soft start," though some energy-saving applications will provide this side benefit.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Ventilation fans must have been tested by the Bio Environmental and Structural Systems Laboratory or the Air Movement and Control Association Internal Inc. Laboratory.
    • Please note: Only the tested fan configuration will be eligible. Additional non-tested accessories such as cones, shutters, or boxes will not qualify. For safety reasons, accessory wire guards are allowed even if not tested.
  • Ventilation fans must meet the minimum efficiencies stated in the tables above.
  • Efficiency Vermont strongly encourages the use of fan controls (thermostats, timers, etc.) and staging/banking of fans when possible to maximize energy savings.