How to Participate

Give us a call to talk about your energy efficiency project—whether it’s upgrading your barn lighting, buying a reverse osmosis system to boost syrup production, or adding variable frequency drives to your farm’s milking equipment. After we talk, we’ll run a cost-savings analysis to ensure that the proposed improvements strengthen your bottom line. If you decide to move forward, we can guide you through the application process and help you secure financing with terms that work for you.

  • Experienced, unbiased advice on cost-effective improvements
  • Loan terms structured to meet your cash-flow needs
  • Rebates available for qualifying agricultural products

Eligibility Requirements

  • Financing must be for energy efficiency improvements
  • Agricultural operations and farms must be located in Vermont
  • Must be registered and in good standing with the Vermont Office of the Secretary of State

If you are ready to proceed contact our customer support team.